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30 Fun and Easy Sewing Projects for Kids and Teens

Once you get started teaching your child the basics of sewing, it is essential to feed its interest with a number of new fun projects. Naturally, you should choose sewing projects which can easily be completed by the child depending on its age and level of ability. Here are a few projects which I consider perfect for young and grown up children. These simple crafts will surely make a big impression on your child, and will definitely keep it pumped and wanting to learn and practice more!
So, let’s get started with the following 30 fun and easy sewing projects for kids which you can pick from:

1. Fabric Scrap Key Chain

Super useful to keep your kid’s keys at hand + it makes super cool gift for mom and pop. All you will need for this cute little project are some fabric scraps, a piece of Pellon Peltex, an old key ring, buttons and felt, twill tape or a ribbon and pinking shears, thread and an iron.
via Craftiness is NOT optional

2. Book Corner Bookmark

If your child loves reading, he/she will love to make this useful bookmark. To make it, you need to fold a piece of cardstock (4”x3.25”) in half and sew over the top and the right edge. Leave the bottom and left side open, so that you can slide the bookmark over the page.
via KR creations

3. Emoji Keyrings

Ride on top of the fashion wave with these super cool emojis. For these keyrings, you will need some pieces of felt in different colors, a keyring and fastener, scissors, a needle and some cotton threads and wool in colors matching the emoji’s of your choice.
via Crafternoon cabaret club

4. Sunglasses Case

Something small yet super useful that will keep your sunglasses scratch-free. You can use this idea to make a case for your phone, tablet or an e-reader as well. You will need some outer and inner fabric, fusible interfacing and a smaller piece of fabric for the loop.
via Sew Mama Sew

5. Phone Wallet

It is convenient to have this simple phone wallet on hand so you can just tuck your phone in and get about your errand. Your child will be happy to make this simple yet pretty canvas phone case. The materials you need are: some sturdy fabric, sew on Velcro, some felt, a clasp, thin cardboard and sewing tools.
via Sew Mama Sew

6. Fish Laundry Bags

These bags are easy to make, cute as well as useful. Make sure that you have: ½ yard of fabric for the top and another ½ for the bottom, ribbon or twill tape, felt scraps and a large safety pin.
via Sew Can She

7. Pleated Headband

Amazing project for the little princess and something she will actually love to wear. Use fabric, felt and interfacing scraps, a simple elastic headband and any buttons, pearls or accessories of your choice to make this lovely headband. You will need scissors, a needle, some thread and a glue gun.
via Craftiness is NOT optional

8. Felt Forest Friends Keychains

Every child will love making one of these keychains. For this project, you need: felt scraps in different colors, some ribbon, yarn and a keyring, as well as a needle and some glue.
via Repeat Crafter Me

9. Toy Cat From Scraps

Show your child how to make a toy cat on his/hers own with some fabric scraps, buttons for the eyes, felt pieces for the nose and heart, toy filler and some embroidery thread. Let the child choose the colors for its project /via Sew Toy

10. Scented Sachets

These make wonderful home decorations as well as gifts. All you will need are 5 inch fabric squares, lavender buds and sewing tools. You will end up with fresh smelling and moth repelling little sachets.
via Martha Stewart

11. Bookmark In 5 Minutes

If you have leftover fabric scraps and a piece of elastic, you can show your child how to create one of these super simple and yet useful bookmarks. The project involves just a bit of sewing. / via Crazy Little Projects

12. Easy To Sew Kids Belt

This is another very easy project which your little seamstress will love. You will need a small fabric strip with a width of about 3 inches, D rings and some fusible fleece for added sturdiness.
via Crazy Little Projects

13. Easy Pillowcase Skirt

Let your child enjoy turning an unused pillowcase into a cute skirt which she can actually wear. You will need some elastic, an optional trim, thread, pins and a machine.
via Sew Country Chick

14. Friendship Bracelets

Teach your child how to make these adorable friendship bracelets, so that it can give them out as presents to its friends to wear. All you need is a long fabric strip, fusible interfacing, thread and embroidery floss.
via Noodle Head

15. Sweet & Skinny Ruffled Headband

Let your kid use a piece of heavier fabric plus some chiffon or other sheer fabric with a couple of elastic hair ties to make a headband to suit her own personal preferences. Let it add some beads to make a flower on the top.
via Flamingo Toes

16. Pincushion Ring

Your child will love wearing the pin while enjoying its next sewing project. The project involves the use of some old bottle tops, elastic, a piece of fabric and trims and some stuffing for the pincushion.
via We All Sew

17. Super Simple Flowers Headband

Let your kid make its own pretty headband with the help of a strip of fabric (5”x45”) and at the same time practice its hand or machine straight stitching skills.
via Skip to my Lou

18. Chick Softie Toy

Any child will love working on this particular project. The materials and tools needed are: ¼ yard of woven cotton, small scraps, toy stuffing, embroidery floss and some thread and pinking shears.
via So Sew Easy

19. Simple Potholder

Your child will find it easy and fun to make its own potholder with the help of two fabric square pieces, several batting squares. It can practice its sewing and top stitching skills with this nice and easy project.
via Sew Country Chick

20. Doll Dress With Fancy Ribbons

What a better way to teach your child the art of garment making that having it make an actual doll dress! You will need: fabric, ribbon, a safety pin and a sewing machine. Let your youngster choose the colors and patterns for their doll dress.
via Skip to my Lou

21. Cute Ribbon & Elastic Bookmarks

These bookmarks make excellent gifts. You child can easily make one of these with some decorative ribbon, an elastic hairband, buttons and a sewing kit or a machine.
via Sparkles of Sunshine

22. Pillowcase with Cuff

This project is excellent sewing exercise for a child, plus it will learn how to craft something useful with its own two hands and some fabric and a needle and thread or a machine.
via Patchwork Posse

23. Easy Fabric Coasters

Your child can make these coasters quickly and will enjoy picking his or hers own colors and patterns for the design. All you need is some fabric, batting, a little fabric for the heart and a needle and thread. You can use a pen or coordinating thread for tracing on the heart shape.
via Thirty Handmade Days

24. Cloth Napkins

Quick and easy, this is a great project for newbies in sewing and for children. You need 12 fat quarters of cotton for quilting in order to make 6 wonderful cloth napkins which you can actually use after that.
via Kirtsy

25. Felt Crayon / Pensil Holder

Your kid can make its own pencil holder for school with some craft felt, lining, some colorful fabric pieces, a button and a ribbon.
via Skip to my Lou

26. Teddy Bear Clothes (Top & Bloomers)

Let your child enjoy making some girly teddy bear clothes by itself. All you need to provide for this project is some fabrics, a piece of elastic, a sewing machine suitable for kids …and lots of enthusiasm.
via It’s Always Autumn

27. Cute Felt Monsters

Get your kid involved in all steps of this project by allowing him/her to trace the monster pattern and pick out the accessories, nose and eyes by itself, so that it can make its own custom-made monster to play with.
via It’s Always Autumn

28. Diy Dolly Towel

Let your daughter or son make their own towel for an American Girl doll or other doll. You will need only some terry cloth and bias tape for the making of this cute little towel.
via Mommy by Day Crafter by Night

29. T-Shirt Refashion

Let your child make a unique accessory for an existing T-shirt by making and sewing a scallop detail along the neckline. You need: fabric scraps, a circle of trace, a slue gun and a T-shirt.
via Polkadot Chair

30. Ruffle Hem Sweater

This project will help your kid produce a cute ruffle hemmed sweater with about ¼ yard of coordinating fabric and a sweater and they will be happier than ever to be able to make their own clothing as such an early age.
via It’s Always Autumn

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Chelsea - January 18, 2019

My little girl wanted to make some clothes for her dolls but I thought it would be too fiddly. The doll blanket is something I didn’t think of! What a great idea.

    Helen - January 29, 2019

    Hey Chelsea,
    I’m so glad you like the doll towel/blanket idea!
    You know what, not all doll clothes are fiddly. Have you checked #20 – the Doll Dress With Fancy Ribbons – it is just few simple straight stitches and sliding a safety pin with the ribbon though. One of the ladies said in the comments that her 5 year-old daughter did it!

TJ - April 2, 2020

Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it

Mika - October 17, 2022

These are awesome projects! Just a teeny side note: it can be off putting, from a psychological standpoint, when you refer to children as “it”. It creates a void between you and your readers(many of whom might be parents or caretakers of children). That’s unsolicited advice but I thought I’d share anyway:) Back on topic- I love that there are lots of projects, and super cute ones, to choose from. Thank you for curating and writing this. Pinning so hard right now!

    Helen - October 17, 2022

    Hi Mika, thanks for pointing that one out. I really didn’t realize that I use it. As a parent myself I can see why this might be a problem and I will make sure to fix it right now. Happy stitching!

Susan Ramsay - December 31, 2022

I made number 20 out of Bandanas for my 5 yr old greatgranddaughter. I added a ruffle on the bottom with a contrasting bandana. I don’t think she liked it, as I have not seen her wearing it. Maybe for 4 and under. They do get to be fashion divas, even at 5 yrs old.

    Helen - January 3, 2023

    Hi Susan, did you turn the doll dress into a dress for your granddaughter?
    She might change her mind in a few weeks or a month, especially if she sees someone else wearing similar dress.
    Next time sit with her and ask her to choose something she likes and to pick up the fabrics from your stash. She’ll love the end result


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