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Little test

How to Hem Jeans?

Did you ever get a pair of jeans and they look great but not exactly on you? Even though they fit you, they are simply too long for your legs. Since it’s a gift, you don’t want to throw them away. You can take them to a tailor who will fix that for you, but […]

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Brother XR9500PRW Review

Buy the Project Runway Edition Brother XR9500PRW for the beginner seamstress in your life. Its easy-to-use speed control and solid stitching are perfect to get your seamstress started on her own creative designs. The free arm and drop feed features allow the beginner to make better-than-average progress on advanced garment patterns even if she is […]

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Janome 8002D Serger Review

This time, we will be reviewing one of those interesting and useful specialty machines called sergers. The model in question is manufactured by Janome, one of the best producers of sewing machines in the world with a commendable history record tied to its name. After such words, it’s pretty obvious that it’s at least solid […]

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