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Secrets of a Dressmaker: How to Check a Pattern after Drafting or Alterations

In case you are working on a project based on a pattern which you have made out of scratch or on a ready-made one which you have altered, you should always perform a proper check before actually cutting the fabric for the garment or other sewing project you are working on. Checking it will save you a lot of money and keep you from serious disappointment if something turns out t [...]

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Three Ways to Master the Basics of Dressmaking When You Are an Absolute Beginner

If you are new to dressmaking and you are determined the art of making clothes by yourself, there are several rules to follow in order to ensure that you learn the basics of dressmaking and sewing so that you do not get flustered and disappointed in the process and so that you end up with good looking clothing which you are proud of. Methods how to learn the basics of dressmak [...]

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Sewing with Kids FAQ All Parents Should Read

You love spending all the free time you have enjoying your endless passion of sewing and dressmaking, but you find that you are missing on spending more quality time with your children because of your hobby? Why not get your kids involved and teach them the art of sewing, so that you can do both at the same time? If you think that you child is too young or cannot be interest [...]

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Secrets of a Casual Seamstress: 6 Invaluable Tips for Sewing your Own Clothes

You have always envied people who can sew their own clothes and are actually good at it? Why not try making a garment yourself? If you think that you are not talented or skilled enough to do so - think twice. In actuality - everybody can learn how to sew a piece of clothing, as long as they have the determination, patience and perseverance to learn the basics and give dress [...]

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