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Best Mid Arm and Sit Down Quilting Machines

Depending on the complexity and the type of quilting you want to do, you can use three different types of machines to complete a project. Regular sewing machine with free motion quilting abilities, mid arm quilting machines, and long-arm quilting machines. Each type demands a certain skill level from the user, sewing machines with free […]

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Best Long Arm Quilting Machines

If you consider yourself a serious quilter and you’re ready to up your quilting game to the highest level, it’s probably time for you to get a long arm quilting machine. These machines are pretty large and quite expensive, but they are definitely worth the extra space and cash you need for them. A couple […]

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Best Sewing Machines for Upholstery

Furniture pieces, car seats, bicycle seats, and various decorative pieces all go through the process of upholstery in order to be finished. Upholstering or reupholstering is quite often a somewhat expensive feat and many people try to avoid it just for that reason. But what if you decide to do it by yourself? You’ll save […]

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Serger vs Sewing Machine vs Coverstitch Machine – Which One is for YOU?

Who doesn’t love a good showdown? Battle of the titans, each one possessing his own set of skills and excelling at certain areas, clashing one with the other, demonstrating their own virtues and flaws. It’s a spectacle indeed. No, we’re not talking about gladiator fights. We’re talking about different kinds of sewing machines crossing shields […]

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