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Brother SE1900 Review

Embroidery is a wonderful kind of art. You take something somewhat plain looking and by adding just one relatively small detail to it, you transform it into something beautiful and unique, worlds apart from the base on which it was added. Whether it’s done by hand or with the help of an appropriate sewing machine, […]

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Best Handheld Sewing Machines – Which one is for you?

People love handheld products and they love mini versions of bigger appliances or technological devices they use. Handheld gaming consoles, handheld printers, handheld computer but also handheld vacuum cleaners, handheld lawnmowers and handheld power tools are just some of the most popular ones in the category. Then why not make a handheld sewing machine? Exactly, […]

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Which is the Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business?

Embroidery machines are used extensively in the textile industry. They are irreplaceable when it comes to making the logotypes of individual companies, advertising companies on working suits, caps, T-shirts, as well as making decorative details on various parts of clothing, decorating the linens, making unique emblems of different types and purposes, etc. In the past, […]

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