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Gifts for Sewers – 25+ Ideas to Fit Every Budget

Let’s face it – buying thoughtful gifts for sewers is not an easy task. Just imagine all the running around hunting for the best present in crowded malls and craft stores. Spending hours searching online isn’t more fruitful either. It’s exhausting just to think about it. So do your friends and family a favor and send them this link.

With 30+ gift ideas for sewers on this list I promise that there is something to fit every budget!

These handy sewing tools will help you (or your friend) speed up the whole process and the sewing projects will turn out even better than before!

Sewing clothes can be an expensive and time-intensive hobby. Most people who don’t sew just don’t realize how many hours are involved. And it is not only the actual sewing. It is not just sitting down on the sewing machine and pressing down the pedal turning fabrics into garments. There is a ton of labor involved in marking, cutting, pinning, ironing and all of them have to be done with precision and care. This is where tools can help a lot in speeding up the process because quality tools make a world of a difference in how easy and quickly a project comes to be.

Enjoy this list of my favorite tools and gift ideas for sewers. Surprise your beloved sewists with the gift they deserve or treat yourself with something new!

30+ Gift Ideas for Sewers

gift ideas for sewers

BRIGHT daylight table lamp
Every sewist will tell you that when it comes to light the brighter, the better it is. Light is never enough, especially for those of us who sew during the wee hours of the night. Sewing in the dark corner of a room is not easy, nor fun. I have this exact lamp and it’s the best I’ve ever owned as it’s bright and dimmable. Truly multifunctional – great for studying, reading, work and for a night lamp. It makes a great gift for a student too
I am yet to meet a person who sews that will not squeak with pleasure when given fabric. You can either get your sewing bestie couple of yards of fabric, or go for smaller, mixed prints that are named fat quarters, jelly rolls, layer cakes. These are just the fancy names of smaller offcuts of fabric that usually come in coordinating colors that can easily be mixed and matched.
All the rulers will be appreciated! They are used daily! I find that I use the most my extra-large 24x6” ruler, my 12 x 3” one and 6.5” square – in this exact order.
Cutting mat and a rotary cutter
these speed up cutting time considerably. I use them all the time. I love being able to cut through multiple layers at the same time and I love the precise cuts I get.
because who does not need a fresh pair of scissors? One sewist or quilter can NEVER have too many scissors. One for large for cutting fabric, one for cutting out paper patterns, couple of smaller ones for easy snipping, snippers for quick trimming of threads, pinking shears to tame these fraying fabrics and difficult curves, couple of spares as scissors always disappear when you need them most
Snip Scissors / Thread snips
snippers for quick trimming of threads
a good iron is a must for any self-respected sewist. This is the iron I have and use all the time. Forget cheap irons and get the real stuff
Mini iron
I’m eyeing this mini-iron, as it will come really handy for quick pressing small stuff right on the sewing table. Iron as you sew and the projects will turn out much better.

A close second, with a more affordable price tag here Steamfast-Travel

Wool pressing mat
it is a life changer. Why get up from your sewing table every time you need to press a seam open or a little crease in fabric? Keep this mat a top of your table and streamline your process so you can finish it faster!
Heat erasable fabric pens
Super handy for marking. No need to worry about removing the chalk later

No products found.

Presser feet
The DELUXE or the CLASSIC set here are both great options as they contain presser feet that will help sew most of the things a home sewist will need and if you don't own one already - get a walking foot - it will help feed the fabric evenly and is wonderful when sewing knit, thick or difficult fabrics
Retractable tape measure
Spending too much time to roll you tape measure after sewing. There's a handy fix for that
Thread spool holder
No more thread all over the room. Keeps them handy and makes picking the right thread a breeze
Bobbin holder
They help with the organization as they keep the tiny bobbins in one place. No more searching where you left the matching bobbin
Ergonomic seam ripper
Mistakes happen and we'd better be able to get rid of them FAST
Flowerhead pins
They lay flat under the ruler and they don't melt. I've been eyeing these as well. Between my standard pins and my glass head pins I already have a ton of pins, but I hate it as each time I use my rotary cutter with a pinned pattern I have to navigate around them
Magnetic pincushion
Conveniently keeps all your pins in one place. No more painful stepping over pins, no more searching the carpet for the missing pins. No more keeping pins in your mouth just for a sec (Did you know that this is serious health thread? Inhaling pins is real and removing them requires surgery). Awesome!

No products found.

Point turner and creaser
Poke out perfect corners with this little handy tool
Purple thang
A rare case when multi-functional is actually a good thing. This multifunctional tools that comes handy in so many situations and is real eye candy. Keep your fingers safe and use it to fix the curved end of fabric before sewing over it. Use it to thread ribbon, or poke, stuff and turn things. It’s small but so practical for any sewer or quilter


The list will not be complete without mentioning the actual workhorses – the machines. If money is not an issue and you want to see a big smile on your sewing friend’s face, get them one of these (or treat yourself *Wink Wink*):

  1. Sewing machineentry level one or an upgrade to the current workhorse. You can’t go wrong with a Janome. This one is my current favorite
  1. Quilting machine – home models. This Juki is my favorite as it’s fast at 1000+ stitches per second and has large harp space to fit bigger quilts
  1. Serger – either entry level or a professional serger are great gift idea for those sewists who handle knit fabrics or make clothes

Finding good tools and notions (or gifts for sewers) is not an easy task. It takes quite a lot of time, money and effort involved to find which are great and which never see the light of the day and just gather dust at the bottom of the drawers. I hope this gift guide helped you pick something for your sewing buddy or yourself. Who knows you may sew gifts for them too!

Which one of these you liked most? What do you need to get? Did I miss something cool? Share in the comments below

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Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs - December 20, 2020

Lovely selection of gift ideas. I don’t think you can ever have enough fabric 😉

Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC.

Stuccy Clarke - November 28, 2022

Thank you for the ideas for me to give to my husband!!! 🙂 Merry Christmas to meee! Love your stuff!


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