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Free Babydoll dress patterns for Women and Girls

Are you ready to add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe? Look no further than these free babydoll dress patterns! Whether you’re dreaming of a vintage-inspired look or something modern and chic, we’ve got the patterns to make it happen. And as a special treat, we’re throwing in some charming butterfly quilt blocks to inspire your next sewing project.

10 FREE Babydoll Dress Patterns for Women

Two-way over-the-knee babydoll dress

dress style that features a fitted bodice and a loose, flowy skirt that falls just above the knee. high waistline, which creates a flattering silhouette and emphasizes the waist. You can wear it in two ways – front button or back button!

sizes: XXS to 5XL

Two-way over-the-knee babydoll dress

This dress you can wear with the buttons on the front or the back emanates raw feminine power with its beautiful bodice that has 3/4 sleeves with elasticated cuffs, a wide crew neckline, and a button-up front or back hem that ends at the waist where the skirt section starts, with a high gathered waist and a bottom hem that stops before your knees.

by Tianascloset

Linen babydoll dress with short yoke

Size: US size 6-8 (UK size 8-10)

Linen babydoll dress with short yoke

You will feel comfortable and refreshed when you wear this adorable dress with a rounded neckline that buttons at the back and has a keyhole slit when buttoned up, long sleeves with elastic cuffs that have a decorative button each, invisible inseam pockets, and a bottom hem that flares slightly from the yoke at the chest and ends below your knees.

by Fabrics-store

get the pattern here HERE

DIY Ruffle sleeve tiered baby doll dress

Fabric: 2.5m of soft cotton fabric, 130cm wide

Makes: size small

Zero-waste babydoll dress pattern

Size: shows you how to draft your own babydoll dress pattern

Zero-waste babydoll dress pattern

Harness your girly charm with a dress that has that same appeal thanks to its adorable short flutter sleeves with ruffles, a wide crew neckline, and a skirt section that has three tiers and reaches to your mid-thighs, ideal for those hot summer days when you want to look good and feel breezy.

by Coolirpa

Easy babydoll dress pattern

Use your favorite tank top to quickly draft the bodice of this dress

Easy babydoll dress pattern

Learn how to draft a pattern for a babydoll dress according to your needs and help save the environment simultaneously because you won’t have sewing waste after this project, but you will have a dress with cap sleeves that have elasticated cuffs, a pair of curved front pockets near the bottom hem, and a gathered skirt section that starts under your chest and ends above your knees.

by Fashion-collective

How to make a babydoll dress

How to make a babydoll dress

Not many outfits can beat the babydoll dress in terms of comfort and breeziness, that’s a known fact, but people tend to neglect how adorable they are, just look at this one that has a round neckline, is sleeveless, has a hidden zipper at the back of the neck, and has a lovely flared skirt section that reaches above the knees.

by Abeautifulmess

Easy babydoll summer dress

Size: small

Easy babydoll summer dress

When you have something good like this pattern, there’s no need to complicate things and you can do things as simple as possible, as you can see with the dress here, featuring a bodice that’s much like a tanktop but shorter, and a skirt section that begins under your chest and flares out to the middle of your thighs.

by Prettyprudent

Ruched empire waist dress

Ruched empire waist dress

Easy, fast, and beautiful, this dress shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time before you finish it, since all you have to do is sew a short version of a T-shirt with raglan sleeves, join it with a skirt below the chest, and gather the seam.

by Wkdesigner

Easy summer dress

Easy summer dress

Here’s a dress that will make you feel like a princess in her casual outfit when you put it on, thanks to its gorgeous long, off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, a ruffled finish on the top of the sleeves and the top hem above your chest, and a wavy skirt that is gathered under your chest and comes down to your mid-thighs.

by Schwurlie

DIY Babydoll Dress With Chiffon Pleats

DIY Babydoll Dress With Chiffon Pleats

Summer is always around the corner and you want to have a dress that feels refreshing and looks stylish, like the one we have here, with a bodice that is sleeveless, has a wide rounded neckline, and two pockets, paired with a transparent skirt gathered at the waist that reaches above the knees.

by Creativefashionblog

Gathered Sleeveless Babydoll Dress Pattern with Vertical Ruffle Details

Gathered Sleeveless Babydoll Dress Pattern with Vertical Ruffle Details

There are a couple of cool things about this dress, it is environmentally friendly because it uses a repurposed long-sleeved shirt with a deep curved neckline, it can surprise because it looks like you’re wearing a separate flared skirt that reaches to your knees, and it has those beautiful chiffon pleats that are feminine and chic.

by Contouraffair

Sleeveless babydoll dress pattern

Be the most stylish and the most comfortable girl at the beach with a dress that gives off tropical island vibes, featuring a skirt section that ends above your knees and is gathered a bit above your waist, and a bodice that doesn’t have sleeves, has a V-neck, and boasts wonderful ruffles around the armholes

Babydoll nightie tutorial

babydoll nightie tutorial

Enrich your wardrobe with a lined dress that you can wear most of the year and look great while you do so, thanks to the stylish look it has, with a bodice that has a V-neck, is sleeveless but has cute scalloped elastic bands around the armholes, a gathered waist with an elastic that keeps the dress close to your body, and a skirt that goes to your knees.

by Howjoyful

Babydoll nightie dress from 2 men’s shirts

babydoll nightie dress from 2 men’s shirts

Just because you’re about to go to sleep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look great, especially if you have a significant other to cuddle with, so go ahead and treat yourself with this nightie that has an open back like an apron, with a dark waist strap and matching shoulder straps, a deep V-neck, and three rows of ruffles at the bottom hem.

by Instructables

Babydoll summer dress

babydoll summer dress

Your hubby won’t object to you using up two of his shirts to make this enticing nightie that has spaghetti straps you tie on your shoulders, a low curved top hem, and a flared skirt that has decorative ruffles at the bottom hem and reaches above your knees.

You’ll make a lot of jaws drop when you wear this wonderful summer dress through town due to its chic design with an exposed back and bare shoulders, a feminine halterneck you tie behind the neck, and a skirt that goes to your mid-thighs with a ruffled bottom hem.

by Wkdesigner

Babydoll dress patterns for girls

Dolman babydoll dress for kids

size: 4-18 years (or women’s XS)

dolman babydoll dress for kids

by Lifesewsavory

This dress is a win-win option for you and your little princess because it will suit her preferences with its breezy and comfortable design, while it also suits your preferences because it looks adorable on her, with the simple bodice that’s like a t-shirt, and the skirt that’s gathered at the waist and available in two lengths, above and below the knees.


You’re set for the summer in terms of dress patterns! What did you think of the patterns? Did the ones you used give you the results you wanted? Leave your feedback in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list if you want prompt notifications for new stuff like this! Enjoy your gorgeous feminine babydoll dresses!

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