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How to Make a Baby Bib – with FREE baby bib pattern

One of the best gifts for a new mom is a set of handmade baby bibs. Our free baby bib pattern comes in two sizes.. The visuals and step by step instructions will lead you through this easy project. Baby bibs stop the drool getting onto the baby’s neck and chest, possibly leading to drool rash. Baby bibs also save clothing and will catch those little milk spews or bits of food, keeping clothes clean and fresh smelling. It’s far easier to change a bib than to change a whole outfit, and you can whip off the bib to show off the cute outfit when grandma arrives for a cuddle. They save on multiple washes of clothing, which is a boon for a busy mom.

diy baby bib

Below you will find my step by step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make a baby bib

how to sew baby bib

Supplies and tools

baby bib pattern supplies

DOWNLOAD:  baby bib pattern [Free pdf file] 

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How to Sew a baby bib

handmade baby bib

Watch the diy baby bib video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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STEP 1: Prepare the pattern

baby bib template and fabrics

Print out the free baby bib pattern provided at 100%. Trim the excess paper

STEP 2: (optional) Piece together the front

Decide whether you want the bib in one piece of fabric of whether you want to piece a couple of different fabrics together to create the bib. If you are piecing fabric cut and stitch the fabric together using a ¼ inch (0.6cm) seam allowance, and press seams open before cutting the pattern.

STEP 3: Mark around the template

layering fabrics for baby bib

Place main fabric on top of the lining fabric, right sides facing and pin them together. Place the baby bib template on top of the main fabric, face down and mark around the pattern. Trim the excess fabric

baby bib cutting out

STEP 4: Cut the fabrics

baby bib all fabric pieces

Cut two pieces for the front and back of the bib from the free pattern supplied 3/8″ from the edge of the pattern to allow for seam allowance.

Then cut the one piece of the terry cloth interfacing from the same pattern, this time do not add seam allowance. Terry cloth really is the best fabric to use, but you can use flannelette or a fairly thin sew-in batting or interfacing. For babies that tend to drool the terry cloth is the most absorbent and soft solution.

STEP 5: Layer the fabrics

Lay out the bib pieces on your worktop starting with the terry cloth (or alternative you have chosen, then lined up on top of it the front of the bib piece right side facing upward, then the back piece of the bib, wrong side facing upwards, on top of that.

STEP 6: Sew around

baby bib pinned

Clip the layers in place, making sure they all line up neatly. Using a short stitch length, and a 3/8-inch (1 cm) seam allowance), stitch around the edge of the bib leaving a 3-inch (7cm) gap at the bottom. Sew carefully around the curves at the neck of the bib, sometimes lifting the presser foot with the needle still in the fabric and gently easing the fabric around before depressing it again to get around the smaller curves where the bib will fasten. Back tack at the start and finish of the gap in the bottom of the bib.

STEP 7: Clip around

After stitching, make small V shaped notches into the fabric, not reaching the stitching – this will allow the fabric to ease when turned the right way out so it lies flat. Do it all the way around EXCEPT for the 3-inch gap you haven’t stitched.

STEP 8: Turn right side out

Turn the bib the right way out by pulling the fabric through the gap. Use a knitting needle or chop stick to gently poke out the edges and ends where the bib will fasten so they are even and lie flat.

STEP 9: Press

Using an iron press the bib all the way around, folding up the seam allowance into the inside of the bib across the 3-inch gap so the edges are smooth and neatly pressed.

STEP 10: Topstitch

baby bib topstiching

Top-stitch all the way around the bib, including across the gap.

STEP 11: Mark the snap placement

baby bib transferring markings

Place the baby bib template on top of the baby bib and transfer the positions of the snaps (two female, one male as shown in the pattern)

STEP 12: Attach the snaps

baby bib attaching snaps

The last step it to attach the fastening system. You can use KAM snaps which are easy to install using the KAM snap fastening tool. If you prefer you can use two small pieces of Velcro, positioned at the ends of the bib so it closes neatly. You can attach the Velcro with your sewing machine, stitching around the four corners of each small square, or attach by hand if you don’t want the stitches to show on the top side of the piece that fastens the bib. Another alternative is to use press studs, but babies tend to pull at their bibs vigorously as they get older and it may come unfastened.

baby bib snaps

DIY Baby bib FAQs and tips:

Q: Can I add lace to the edge of the bib?

A: A narrow lace is very pretty on infant bibs. You can stitch it on by hand after completing the bib, by inserting the needle in every third tiny hole at the edge so it makes an even gather. Remember to turn over the ends twice at the start and finish, stitching along the small seam so the lace doesn’t unravel.

Baby bibs make great baby shower gifts, and if you can make them in a variety of sizes the mom-to-be will be well supplied from birth right through to toddler stage.

These homemade baby bibs you make can be customized with the name of the child embroidered on the bib, either by hand or using a machine with an embroidery function, or iron-on decorative motifs. They are super easy and quick to make following our video tutorial, or if you prefer use our step-by-step instructions. Make a few for your own children and to keep some on hand for those invitations to baby-showers or as gifts for new babies.

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Kim Carberry - June 5, 2023

These are so lovely and would make a fantastic gift for a new mum.
I love the fabric you have used, so cute.

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What a beautiful baby bib. Pinned it
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What a super cute project. I love the fabric you have chosen too! 🙂

Rhondda Mol - June 14, 2023

Hi Helen, This is a fantastic baby bib pattern and tutorial! I needed so many bibs for my little ones and having a template like this would have been a wonderful tool for me to make them their own bibs. Not only can you choose the fabrics you want, you can save money making them instead of buying them (bibs can be so expensive!).

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what a lovely and simple idea to make and looks fun to doThanks for linking with #pocolo


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