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DIY Cat Ear Headband

Need to make an outfit for a party, birthday, 4th of July, or Halloween? One of the easiest costumes is a cat! It makes me think of the gorgeous costumes from the hit musical Cats. All you need to make, and you can do it within minutes, is the Cat Ear Headband. Plain black tights and a black long-sleeved T-shirt complete the outfit for the cutest kitten look. The cat ear headbands suit everyone from three years upwards. All you need to purchase is the correct size headband, then use felt scraps from your stash. 

diy 4th of july cat ear headband


If you’re into making costumes for kids, you may have a couple of headbands in stock. Choose one similar to the hair color of the person for whom you are making the DIY cat ear headband. It allows the headband to blend with the hair so the cute little ears peek out. The felt fabric color chosen for the ears is up to you – you can go realistic with white ears with a pink lining, black ears with a white lining, or brown with a pale orange lining. Maybe you want to go wild and do purple ears with a lilac lining or whatever color combination takes your fancy. Perhaps consider the color choices of the person for whom you are making the DIY cat ear headband.

halloween cat ear headband

 Below you will find my step by step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make a Cat Ear Headband

how to make cat ear headband

Supplies and tools

diy car ear headband - supplies and tools

  • fabric: small quantities of felt – two pieces for the outer ear and a contrasting color for the inner ear. If you are making the 4th of July headband you will need blue, red and white
  • Free printed cat ear headband paper pattern

  • Fabric marking pen or a pencil or ballpoint pen will do

  • Glue Gun with a glue stick

  • A plastic headband

  • Small piece of sandpaper (optional)


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Making of the Cat Ear Headband

Watch the diy cat ear headband video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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Cat ear headband VIDEO TUTORIALS

VIDEO #1: 4th of July cat ear headband tutorial:

VIDEO #2: Standard cat ear headband

This tutorial is for the standard cat ear headband – these are great for parties, halloween or birthdays!:


STEP 1: Prepare the cat ear pattern

cat ear headband - cutting out the template

Print and cut out the free pattern supplied for the kitty ear itself and the inner ear piece. Mark around the pattern using a fabric marking pen onto the chosen color felt. 

STEP 2: Cut out the felt

cat ear headband cutting out the elements

Cut out two kitty ears with the base of the ear on the fold of the felt.

Cut out two of the inner ear pieces in your color of choice. Cut out any other details you want to have (e.g. white stripes for the 4th of July cat ear headband)

STEP 3: (optional) Mark the center of the headband

Find the center of the headband and make a mark on the underside of the headband. This will allow the ears to be placed equidistantly on either side of the center so you don’t have crooked kitty ears.

Of course, if you are confident in your skills, you can just eyeball the placement.

STEP 4: Mark and Prepare the glue gun

cat ear headband marking placement

Set up your glue gun to warm up while you mark the distance from the center where you want to place the ear’s inner edge from the headband’s center point. One inch (2.5 cm) should be sufficient, making the total width between the ears 2 inches (5 cm)

STEP 5: (optional) Sand a bit

Use a small piece of sandpaper over the section on the headband where you have decided to place the ears – if it’s a plastic headband, the area where the ear folds and attaches to the headband needs to be a little rough so the glue sticks well and you don’t risk the ears sliding around on the headband.

STEP 6: Glue the ears

glueing the ears of the cat ear headband

Lay out one ear, and using the glue gun, place a line of glue right around the edge of the ear and some across the center fold where it will touch the headband.

STEP 7: Assemble

cat ear headband - attaching the ear

Place the inner edge of the fold of the ear on the point you marked and fold the ear over the headband, lining up the edges and press them together to seal. Make sure the glue is attached to the headband across the fold – you don’t want the ear slipping around on the headband.

Repeat the process with the other ear.

cat ear headband - both kitty ears attached

STEP 8: Add details and finishing touches

Take the inner ear pieces (or other ear details) and place glue around the edges.

cat ear headband glueing the details

Then place them centrally on the cat ears on the headband, pressing down firmly.

pressing down the strips of the cat ear headband

Your DIY cat ears are ready to use.

cat ear headband close up

If you enjoyed this tutorial, click on the link below and subscribe for more easy tutorials like this delivered straight to your inbox. Of course if you want to make the cat outfit more kitty-like you can add a tail and white mittens for paws. You can make these easy mittens out of an sweater or an old t-shirt.

handmade cat ear headband

Watch our visuals, and follow the step by step instruction to make a DIY cat ear headband in minutes. It is super easy using some felt, a ready-made headband, and felt scraps from your stash. Next time you need a kid’s costume in a hurry this is going to be so easy! All you need is some tights and a long-sleeved T-shirt to complete the look and you may want to attach a cat tail made of some scrap fur fabric. There’s your costume done in minutes – no fuss and it will look super cute.

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Lisa | Handmade in Israel - June 19, 2023

These are very cute. I have some ears I made like this years ago and that’s what I turn to when I need to dress up for something.

Karen, the next best thing to mummy - June 19, 2023

This is so cute # ssp266

Kim Carberry - June 19, 2023

These are so cute. What a fun idea and so simple to make too.

Julie - June 21, 2023

These are so cute! What fun! Thanks for sharing with us at Handmade Monday 🙂

Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs - June 25, 2023

What a cute little project! Fab tutorial. 🙂 #MMBC

chickenruby - June 30, 2023

they look so easy to make, I’m sure granddaughter has some spare headbands.
Thanks for linking with #pocolo


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