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DIY Laptop Sleeves in ANY size (FREE Pattern Measurements)

I’m so excited about sharing today’s tutorial on how to sew a laptop sleeve to suit ANY size laptop. It is super easy and the finished product looks really stylish. It will keep your laptop safe and unscratched when transporting it, and will look classy on your desk. The clever side sewing trick means there are no raw side seams or the need to sew through too many layers.

how to make a laptop sleeve

These lovely DIY laptop sleeves come with an easy Velcro fastening and a classy shaped envelope-style flap. The outer cover of the sleeve is made from home décor fabric, with a felt lining to cushion the laptop, and no need for interfacing. The best thing is that you can use the diy laptop bag as a clutch – 2in1 – a win-win!

diy laptop clutch bag

Below you will find my step by step DIY laptop sleeve tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make a laptop sleeve

Laptop Sleeve Supplies and tools

laptop sleeve supplies and tools

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How to Sew a Laptop case

Watch the diy laptop sleeves video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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STEP 1: Calculating the amount of fabric you need

The first thing to do is to measure the laptop for which you want to create a diy laptop sleeve. To do this measure the length of the laptop as it sits on the desk facing you. You’ll need the width (A), depth (B) and height (C) as shown on the image below.

  • WIDTH OF FABRIC = A + C + 2″
  • LENGTH of FABRIC = 2.5 x (B + C) +  2″

laptop sleeve pattern measurements

Let’s do the math. So, for example I’m making this for my mom’s Apple Mac Air that measures 13 inches (width) x 9 inches (depth) x 0.4 inches (high).

I need a piece of fabric that is 15.5 inches wide. I came to this figure by adding:

13” Width + 0.4” (height) + 2” (seam allowance).

Because it is difficult to measure 0.4 of an inch I’m going to round the height up to half an inch so 13 + 0.5” + 2” = 15.5”.

Now to calculate the length of the fabric I’ll take the depth of the laptop which is 9” + height 0.4” which adds up to 9.4 inches, but this needs to folded over and include the envelope style flap so I multiply by 2.5 and add the 2” seam allowance bringing the calculation to 9.4” x 2.5 = 23. 5” + 2” = 25. 5”.

So, my fabric should be 15.5 inches wide by 25. 5 inches long to accommodate my 13” MacBook Air laptop.

I need one piece of outer fabric of this size and one piece of felt type lining of the same size.

Seam allowance is 3/8″ and is already included in the calculations.

NOTE: Although I know this is quick math, I can see some of you might struggle with it. Do let me know whether you would like to to make a  laptop sleeve pattern calculator, where you just fill in your laptop dimensions and it would calculate the appropriate fabric size for you. Let me know in the comments below

STEP 2: Cut out the fabric

Cut the fabric to the size of your laptop as described above. You will need one piece for the outer sleeve and one piece of felt for the lining. This laptop sleeve pattern does not use a fusible lining, making it even easier.

cutting fabric for the diy laptop bag

TIP: If you are using a cotton fabric without any structure, add fusible lining or batting on top of the cotton.

STEP 3: Make the top fold

Take the piece of the lining fabric as seen below and fold in half along the length, folding over the corner to meet the other corner of the flap. Take a ruler and measure 2″ (5cm) on either side of the corner, connect the dots with a diagonal line, and cut along the line.

Cut off the the triangular shape as shown below.

making the flap of the diy laptop bag

Take the shape you have cut for the outer sleeve and lay over the folded piece of outer fabric and cut the same angles. This will form the closing flap of the laptop case.

STEP 4: Stitch the base of the laptop sleeve

With right side to right side of lining and outer, pin together and stitch across the base only leaving an opening in the middle of around 3 inches (10cm).

stitching the base of the diy laptop sleeve

STEP 5: Fold and pin

Unfold and press the seam with your fingers or an iron.

pressing the seam of the laptop bag

Fold so the right sides face out and pin the base turning in the raw edges of the gap you have left, so it is smooth, then press with an iron on the base only.

pinning the base of the diy laptop sleeve

This is the perfect time to check for fit. Fold the base up, and mark the bottom end of the flap.

If you have the laptop, slip it inside the sleeve to check the fit. If you are making a gift, leave a flap that is half the height (B) of the laptop + 1.5″.

diy laptop sleeve checking fit

STEP 6: Add velcro

On the lining of the flap mark the center spot for the Velcro to be added 1 inch from the lower edge of the flap piece, making sure it is positioned centrally on the fabric then pin the Velcro in position to the lining only.

Now bend over the flap and see where the Velcro you stitched on the flap meets up with the front of the bag. Mark the spot where the Velcro from the flap touches the front.Pin it to the outer fabric only.

Now unfold the fabrics and machine stitch each Velcro piece in the spot marked to the SINGLE layer of fabric.

adding velcro to the front and the flap of the laptop sleeve

STEP 7: Make the double fold

This is the trickiest part of sewing this laptop case but ensures a professional finish, so make sure to follow it to the T (watch the video to see this in action)

Fold the fabrics along the base seam, so that the right sides face out. Fold up the base to meet with the two marks you have made on the lining.

how to fold the diy laptop sleeve

Remember the base is the only part stitched to the lining, and it still has a gap in it – this is to pull the fabric through when you are nearly finished. You will now have an envelope shape.

Fold down the outer fabric and up on the other side to line it up with the lining piece. There will be a double folded section in the laptop sleeve now.

folded diy laptop sleeve

STEP 8: Stitch the laptop sleeve

Stitch around the sides and envelope flap, but not across the base.

stitching around the double fold of the laptop sleeve

STEP 9: Trim corners, turn around

Trim the corners at a 45-degree angle at the base of the sides, so there is no excess fabric when it is turned, and across the corners of the flap.

Reach in between the double fold at the base of the laptop bag and start pulling the fabric through so the right sides are showing.turning right side out the diy laptop bag

STEP 10: Press the diy laptop case

The diy laptop bag now is the right way out and you just have to ensure all the sides are lying flat, and press the finished sleeve.

STEP 12: Stitch the gap

All that remains to do is close the gap, through which you turned the diy laptop sleeve, with invisible ladder stitch or the quicker slip stitch.

The choice of whether to glue a piece of leather or a finishing metal decorative piece on the front of the flap is entirely up to you.

diy laptop sleeve in use

Once you have the knack of making these you’ll be able to complete them quite quickly and without any laptop sleeve pattern. I can see myself making some more as gifts – I’ll just have to sneakily measure the laptops of people I want to gift with sleeves! A laptop sleeve is a practical gift for teens, who are notoriously difficult to shop for as their style changes often and is not always something that adults ‘get’. If you give a laptop sleeve in denim (preferably distressed) you are unlikely to go wrong. For men dark grey, mid grey, charcoal or black are good colors for a customized diy laptop bag. For women go with what is currently in style – it could be stripes, botanical or dark paisley prints, or the colors for 2021 which are sage green, grey, vivacious pastels like lime and peach, or the neutrals of sand, stone, and light terracotta.

So ladies, let me know, do you want me to make you life easier and make you a laptop sleeve pattern calculator to do the math for you? Let me know in the comments below

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Marie B. - April 21, 2021

My laptop needs one of these! I love the colors and pretty floral pattern you used, red being my favorite color. These would make great gifts too!

Susan - April 22, 2021

That’s a lovely case – thanks for the tutorial!

Kerryanne - April 23, 2021

Another fabulous project and tutorial Helen. Thank you for sharing your laptop sleeve DIY at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at the party tonight and pinning too.

Shelbee on the Edge - April 25, 2021

This is so cute and so practical. I used to go places with my laptop but I don’t go anywhere anymore! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


LydiaF - April 25, 2021

A couple years back I purchased a portfolio with a felt interior and fabric outside. It wasn’t exactly like yours but very similar. I’m glad to find a tutorial so I can make more. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

Stephanie 139a - April 26, 2021

that looks great – love the material, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

Pam - April 29, 2021

This is really adorable! I’ve featured it today at the TFT party. 🙂

Laurie - April 29, 2021

Thanks for sharing your project! I like the fabric you chose for your laptop cover. Very feminine.

Glad you stopped by to share at the Homestead Blog Hop! Hope to see you again!

Ridge Haven Homestead

PAULA COLE - May 3, 2021

Yes, would love the laptop sleeve pattern calculator

Jo Lyn Lindsey - May 11, 2021

Hi. Great pattern. I’m interested in the calculator please.

Liz - May 12, 2021

Yes, please – a laptop sleeve calculator! This would be most helpful. Thank you for this pattern. I would like to make it for myself and each of my grandchildren. They all have laptops for school.

LydiaF - June 17, 2021

This tutorial was awesome! I’m so happy with how my laptop case turned out. I have it opening the long way, like a manila envelope. For the measurements I just switched A and B in the instructions. Quilted the fabric for the outside and between it and the felt there was a enough structure I didn’t need to use batting.

The video was extremely helpful in the process. Thanks again for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

Katelyn - July 9, 2021

Hello! Why do you leave a 3 in gap? Thanks!

    Helen - July 9, 2021

    You need the gap to be able to turn the sleeve right side out in step 9

Janet - August 18, 2021

Hi and thanks for sharing these patterns, its adorable, love the laptop case


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