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DIY Twisted Turban Hat out of Stretch or Non-Stretch Fabrics

The twisted turban hat is one of those hats that looks good on everyone – from babies to adults. It can be made in a stretchy or a piece of not so stretchy fabric. I would advise using a material with a bit of give to fit the head snugly. There are two measurements in the chart below, one for the stretchy fabric and one for the non-stretch fabric. This is a perfect project for using up those longish strips of fabric that seem to be leftover. A cuddly fleece or any stretch fabric with a bit of body will do perfectly.

how to make twisted turban hat

Below you will find my step by step written tutorial how to make a twisted turban hat for a baby or an adult with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

homemade twisted turban

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How to make a Twisted Turban Hat

diy turban hat - side view

Supplies and tools

twisted turban hat supplies

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How to Sew a Twisted Turban Hat

Watch the diy twisted turban cap video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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Twisted Turban Hat VIDEO TUTORIAL


STEP 1: Cut the fabric

Cut the fabric according to the size of the twisted turban hat you are making, making sure the stretch is along the length of the material.

fabric cut chart for twisted turban


  • Stretch fabric: 32.5 inches x 12 inches (82.5 cm x 30.5 cm)
  • Non-stretch fabric: 34.5 x 12 inches (87.5 cm x 30,5 cm)


  • Stretch fabric: 38.5 inches x 13 inches (98 cm x 33 cm)
  • Non-stretch fabric: 40.5 x 13 inches (103 cm x 33 cm)


  • Stretch fabric: 46.5 inches x 14 inches (118 cm x 36 cm)
  • Non-stretch fabric: 48.5 x 14 inches (123 cm x 36 cm)

The sizes mentioned in the chart give you the basic idea. Still, it will be best to measure the head of the person you are making the turban for before starting. Some babies have larger heads than others of the same age, and children’s heads vary according to their age. In in doubt cut the material a little bigger, and you can adjust the twisted turban hat size right at the end, rather than risk making it too small.

STEP 2: Fold and pin

twisted turban - sewing the tube

Fold the fabric over along the length, with the right side facing each other and clip it into place so you have a long skinny piece of fabric.


Step 3: Stitch or serge

serging the tube of the twisted turban hat

If you’re using stretch fabric, use a zigzag stitch with some give in it. The cotton can easily break if you use a straight stitch and stretch the fabric. For the non-stretch fabric, you can use a straight stitch. Stich along the whole length of fabric ½ inch (1.3 cm) from the edge. You can use a serger (overlocker) to finish the edges.


Step 4: Turn right side out

Turn the tube you have stitched the right way out, and place the seam in the middle, making sure it is not twisted along the length. No seam will be visible on either side of the tube.


Step 5: Cut the tube

cut in half the long tube of fabric for the twisted turban

Fold the tube, so the short side meets the opposite short side and cut it in half.


Step 6: Mark the middle

Take both tube pieces, fold each in half again and mark the halfway point with an erasable fabric pen. 

mark the middle of both tubes for the twisted turban


Step 7: Make a temporary stitch

twisted turban hat with the temporary gathering stitch

Pick up one half and hand stitch wide, gathering stitches along the width, going through both layers of fabric. It should form about four pleats in the fabric. Do not break the sewing cotton but take the other half and repeat the gathering stitches, then end off, so both pieces are attached just by the thread. They should be lying next to each other, facing vertically on your worktop.

Step 8: Twist the turban hat

twisting fabrics - with arrows pointing the direction of twist

Time to do the twist. Take the top left corner and swing it over to the right, then the bottom right of the other piece and swing it left. Pull the pieces so that the top right of one and the bottom right of the same piece face in the same direction, then do the same with the other piece. This creates the twist.

twist the fabrics for the turban cap

The side without the seam will be uppermost beyond the central twist. 

Step 9: Pin three of the pieces

twisted turban hat - folding and pinning

Take the bottom piece on the left, flip it up to line up with the top left portion, and clip it in place on the lower side closest to the edge of the worktop. Flip up the bottom right to the top right and clip along the lower edge on the right-hand side. Both central seams should be showing on the fabric, with the smooth sides without the seam facing each other.

Open out the clipped fabric and fold over left to right, and clip in place at the top.

Step 10: Stitch the pinned pieces

twisted turban - stitched sides

Take the first bit you clipped together and stitch along the edge to join the two pieces, stopping short of the twist.

Stitch along the next piece you clipped, stopping short of the twist, and finally along the third edge, stopping short of the twist and backtracking at the start and finish of all three seams. When you open it out, you will have something of a fan shape with the twist at the base of the fan.

Take a big eyed needle and use it to hide all tail ends.

big eyed needle


Step 11: Stitch or serge the backside

stitch the back of the twisted turban hat

Now with the seams uppermost, so the right sides face each other, fold the fan shape in half and stitch a 1 inch (3 cm) in from the edge. One edge of the turban will be open as you did not sew all four seams, and this will be the edge of the turban closest to the face. All the seams should be finished with a serger (overlocker) for a neat finish.


Step 12: Handstitch to gather the backside

stitching the back of the diy twisted turban

Hand stitch a wide gather stitch using a double thread, across the back of the hat, between the seam and the serged (overlocked edge), pulling up the sewing thread to create a gathered effect along the back seam of the hat. Make sure to begin and end the thread securely, so it does not pull out.

gathering the back of the homemade twisted turban cap


And you’re done. You are now all set to enjoy wearing the hat or gift it to an adorable baby or child.

twisted turban cap flatlay

Made in soft fleece fabric, these are lovely and warm and comfortable. Winter white is always a good choice for any age. Pastels for babies and bright colors for kids are good options. For adults, a sophisticated camel color, tan or black, is a good choice if you’re not into pastels or bright colors.

The DIY twisted turban cap is easy to make if you follow our step-by-step instructions that show you exactly what to do. These hats are perfect for cooler weather and suit everyone from infants to adults. Soft fleece fabric is ideal, but you can make these in virtually any stretch fabric. You will need to cut the twisted turban hat pattern slightly for the non-stretch fabric options. Our handy chart gives all the measurements for baby, child, and adult sizes. These will be in demand in winter so maybe get sewing early, so you have a stock of them to give as gifts.



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