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12+ Cozy Slipper Sewing Patterns to Keep Your Feet Warm and Comfy

Oh boy, it’s cold outside! My feet are always cold so I wanted to make myself a new pair of cozy slippers. If you think sewing footwear is complicated, you are wrong! Sewing slippers is definitely a beginner friendly project and you can get these on your feet in an hour (or less). From fleece slippers and fur lined slipper boots, from traditional homemade slipper patterns to sew to boots and even baby slipper patterns, I’m sharing the best slipper patterns that I found around the web. There are even tutorials to show you how to upcycle your old wool sweaters into COZY toasty warm homemade slippers. Some of the free slipper patterns don’t have the full range of sizes or only have one size but the tutorials show how to you adjust the pattern to make it fit your size. Enjoy and happy slipper sewing, friends!

Comfy and Cozy Free Slipper Sewing Patterns

Homemade flannel fabric slippers

fabric slippers

The first pair of slippers on our list is a cute, yet stylish and practical flannel set. These slippers are ideal for all of you who have hardwood or tiled floors in your home. They have a non-slip sole that keeps your living room from turning into an ice rink when you put the slippers on. An over-the-heel design and an adorable fabric flower above the toes are their main traits.

by Prettyprudent

Fleece slipper pattern

These adorable fleece sleepers have fur lining to keep your feet toasty warm! Yay

sew fleece slippers with fur lining

Next up are these extra warm fleece slippers. Thanks to the fur lining inside, your feet will stay warm and cozy even if your heating slacks off a bit. You can make them soft or add shoe inserts to give them a sturdy shape. Depending on how cold your feet feel, you can keep the cuffs over the ankles or flip them over downward a bit.

by Mellysews

Kimono slipper pattern Free

kimono slippers

Here’s a treat for the kimono lovers, the kimono slippers! They have a design that draws inspiration from the characteristic Japanese clothing piece. The fold-over section above the toes is the main feature of these comfortable slip-ons, along with a lined bottom. Make them out of two different color fabrics for an even more creative look.

Photo and tutorial by Esheepdesigns

pattern: Laurenefabrications

How to make slippers in ANY size

Do you want to make slippers for your entire family? This fleece slippers pattern is ideal for such a feat. These slippers come in different sizes for all your family members and they look lovely. They have a non-slip sole and a cute bow tie on the front, along with a lined interior and a rubber band around the opening to keep them snuggly on your feet.

by SewingTimes on YT

Upcycle a sweater into these DIY slippers

upcycled sweater slippers

Time to put some old clothes to good use with this upcycling pattern! It helps you turn a sweater you won’t wear anymore into a pair of comfy slippers! These slip-ons have a non-slip sole and warm, thick body that will keep your feet warm even if you turn off the heat.

by Perfectdiyideas

Free Kimono Baby Shoe Pattern

kimono baby slippers

Brace yourself because here comes the cutest pattern you’ve seen in a while, the kimono baby slippers! These baby slippers have a design similar to the kimono slippers we covered earlier with a few notable differences. Apart from being for babies, they have an adorable ribbon at the front and they don’t have the lined bottom as the adult version.

by Homespun-threads

Toddler bunny slippers

baby slippers - bunnies

We’ll stay in the adorable zone for another project, the bunny toddler slippers. Their name tells most of the story, they are slippers in the shape of a bunny. Unlike the slippers we had so far on this list, these don’t go over the heels. They have bunny ears and a fluffy exterior, with cute squinting bunny eyes at the front.

by AikHeotay (Google translation)

Fleece slippers

ballerina fleece slippers

Here’s another slippers pattern that will help you make yourself cozy fleece slip-ons. You just cut out four pieces of fleece, make the lining out of two and the exterior out of the other two, join them together, add the elastic, and voila! The elastic here is visible, it goes over your upper foot, like a single shoelace that gives the slippers a nice, characteristic appeal.

by Lovetoknow

Turn old flip flops into fashionable jean slippers

Got some jeans and flip-flops you wouldn’t mind repurposing? This pattern will allow you to turn them into a pair of comfortable slippers! These slippers look so classy, they could even pass as moccasins if you wore them outdoors. They are super simple too, you just cut two pieces of jeans and handstitch them to the flip flop soles with a visible yet stylish seam all around the slippers.

by Sewing Ideas on YT

Supersoft slippers pattern

soft fur lined slippers pattern

We all often don’t want to leave our bed simply because it feels so comfortable, but we have to. With these slippers on though, you’ll feel as if you’re still laying in the bed, that’s how comfortable they are! They have a soft, fluffy interior bottom, a rounded opening, and a snug slip-on shape that caress your feet as you walk.

by Laura Casey for Bernina blog

Easy DIY felt slippers

easy to sew felt slippers

When you find yourself in the need of a pair of slippers ASAP, you’ll want a super quick project like this felt slippers pattern. Cut out the pieces and stitch them together and that’s it! If you want to decorate them a bit, use embroidery floss to add a motif or stitch out your name onto them.

by Marthastewart

Baby and toddlers slippers to sew

toddler slipper shoes

Make your kid a pair of adorable slippers with this baby and toddler slippers pattern! The slippers in question are slip-ons with a rectangular toe and a velcro strap that will keep them from falling off the little ones’ feet even when during playtime. They also have cute name tags at the back of the heels.

by Homemadetoast

Free slipper boot sewing pattern

slipper boots pattern

These boots are made for walking, in your own home, that is. For all who want to keep their ankles and lower calves warm as well, here comes the boot slippers pattern! The design of these slippers resembles those Christmas stockings we all love so much. They are lined, have a non-slip sole, and faux fur cuffs. How chic!

by Tillyandthebuttons

What do you think about our cozy slippers pattern list? We hope you found yourself the ideal pair or more to make! Tell us how they turned out in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list. We have a lot more fun projects coming up that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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Kim Carberry - January 10, 2022

Ohh! These slippers do look cosy especially the pink one’s and the bunny one’s are so cute x

    Helen - January 22, 2022

    Thank you for your compliments, Kim! I hope you’ll love the slippers if you decide to give them a go.

Marsha - April 13, 2022

I love your patterns, thanks for sharing

    Helen - April 14, 2022

    Aww thank you! You made my day. I’m all smiles


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