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How to Make a Koozie with Free Pattern Template (VIDEO)

I love grabbing a bottle of cold root beer during those hot days and sipping it bit by bit, on the porch. But I hate how my drink stays cold for only a few minutes until it turns tepid, but the cold can freezes my hand so bad that it hurts and it ruins the whole experience!

Gods be praised, there’s this awesome DIY koozie that can help me put an end to that! It’s a simple insulated bottle holder but it keeps my drink nice and cold while I enjoy it slowly.

DIy koozie template


DIY insulated beverage holders similar to this one are available in stores, but there’s no need for you to waste money on them. Not when you know and love sewing!

With the help of this straightforward tutorial, you will make your DIY koozie in less than half an hour and be ready to enjoy cold drinks as you’re supposed to. While they’re still cold as ice!


Ice cold beer in a diy insulated beverage holder

Below you will find my step by step DIY koozie / insulated beer can holder written tutorial with VIDEO instructions.

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How to make a koozie

DIY Koozie Supplies and tools

can koozie template and supplies

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How to Sew a DIY beer koozie

Watch the diy koozie video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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Insulated Beverage holder / koozie VIDEO TUTORIAL


STEP 1: Prepare the fabric

Wash the fabric thoroughly to prevent future deformations before you cut it. Use your iron to press it flat after that, it will make the fabric easier to handle.

Cut out two rectangle pieces of fabric, one from the inner and one from the outer fabric. They should measure 11 x 5 inches (28 x 12.5cm) in size each.

Also, cut out one piece of batting slightly smaller than the fabric – 10.5 x 4.5″ (26.5 x 11 cm).

can koozie fabric dimensions

STEP 2: Fuse the batting to the lining

Place the batting on the wrong side of the inner fabric. Fuse it according to the instructions provided with it.

If you used non-fusible batting, just stitch all around the two layers with a quarter-inch seam allowance.

can koozie fabrics fused

STEP 3: Stack and Pin

Place the outer and inner fabrics on top of each other. Make sure that the wrong sides are facing out.

Align the edges and pin the layers together. Mark a gap of about two inches for turning the fabric on one of the short edges of the rectangle.

can koozie layering fabrics

STEP 4: Stitch

Sew all around the fabric with a quarter-inch seam allowance. As you reach the corner while you stitch, don’t break the seam. Just stop the needle in the down position, pivot, and keep sewing the next side.

Reinforce the beginning and the end of the seam by backstitching a bit on each point.

stitching around the can koozie

STEP 5: Clip the corners and turn around

Clip all of the corners a bit. Turn the fabric cozie through the gap you left. Push out the corners and the edges with a back of a pencil or a chopstick.

can koozie clipping the corners with scissors

STEP 6: Press the beer koozie

Use your iron to press the fabric koozie flat.

Fold the raw edges on the opening inward a bit and secure it like that with pins or clips.

STEP 7: Topstitch

Sew all around the fabric one more time. This time, use a one-eighth of an inch seam allowance. Use the same method of sewing as you did previously, when you reach the corners, stop, pivot, and keep stitching.

can koozie topstitching

STEP 8: Pin the velcro to the DIY koozie

You will need to cut a three-and-a-half-inch strip of both hook and loop velcro. You can recognize the loop velcro by its roughness. It’s stiffer than the hook velcro.

Place the loop strip next to one of the short edges of the fabric. Keep it about a quarter-inch away from the edge. You must place it on the inner fabric bit. Secure the velcro in place with pins.

Set the hook velcro strip in the same place as the loop, just on the opposite side and on the outer fabric. Pin it in place.

attaching velcro strips on both sides of the can koozie

STEP 9: Stitch the velcro strips

Sew both velcro stips in place.

Stitch in the same manner as you have so far in this project. When you get to the corner, stop, pivot, and keep sewing.

wrapping a diy koozie around can

Your new DIY koozie is ready for action! Now that you know how to make a koozie, you can sew a few as gifts to your friends. They are great for garden parties as well!

can koozie finished

What did you think about this DIY fabric koozie tutorial? Were you able to make your DIY koozie without hiccups? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your feedback! And be sure to make a few of these koozies for your friends and family, they’re great as gifts. Enjoy your favorite cold beverage as you’re supposed to, ice-cold!

diy beer koozies side by side

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Michele Morin - May 17, 2021

Love that you made a video!

    Helen - May 18, 2021

    Thank you! I’m thrilled to hear your liked the koozie video

Donna @ Modern on Monticello - May 19, 2021

I stopped drinking out of cans because of this very reason. Thanks for sharing an easy solution – and a pretty one. #HomeMattersParty

Niki - May 21, 2021

How cute! I wish I could sew. I drink a 12-pack of coke a day, so I could use a lot of koozies! One day I’ll buy a cheap sewing machine, and try these. Visiting from Tuesday Turnabout Link Party.

Shelbee on the Edge - May 28, 2021

Ah, I love this, Helen! I hate sweaty drink containers and am always misplacing the few cozies that I have. I need to get shopping for a sewing machine soon! It is yard sale season so I hope I can find a decent used one. Thanks for linking!


Chickenruby - May 28, 2021

such a simple idea and a great way to use up bits of fabric
Thanks for linking to #pocolo and hope to see you back again soon

John Carston - November 8, 2021

I like how you mentioned that the drink stays cold for only a few minutes and it ruins the whole experience. My uncle mentioned to me last night that he is hoping to find a can holder for him to avoid dropping the can every time he drinks and asked if I have any idea where is the best option to buy. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell him that he can consult coozie shop.


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