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Quilt As You Go Scrappy Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

These little quilted Christmas tree ornaments are quick and easy to make. They will bring a festive feel to the Christmas tree and for decorating presents. It is perfect way to use up all those little strips of fabric to create beautiful Christmas decorations.

This is an all-in-one operation, so you won’t be stitching the strips together first then attaching them to the base, although you could do it that way if you are more comfortable with creating a patchwork of strip first then attaching them to the base. See our FAQ section for the alternative method of stitching your strips together.

quilt as you go scrappy christmas trees

Below you will find my step by step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

scrap fabric christmas ornaments

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How to make scrappy Christmas Ornaments

mini christmas tree ornaments

Supplies and tools

scrappy tree ornaments template and supplies

DOWNLOAD: mini quilted tree pattern (Free PDF file)

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How to Sew Quilted Christmas Tree ornaments

Watch the diy scrap fabric Christmas ornaments video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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Quilted Christmas Tree ornaments VIDEO TUTORIAL


STEP 1: Cut out the tree template

Cut out our Christmas tree template from our free pattern. Use paper through which you can slide a pin easily as you are going to need to keep it in place when you sew.

scrappy christmas ornaments pattern

STEP 2: Prepare your fabric strips

Collect and collate your scrap cotton fabric strips – you may want to make predominantly green trees, or choose reds – just arrange your strips in colors. It doesn’t matter if they are short or long or different widths – as long as they are cut straight and square. A good width for this project is around 1 ½ to 2 inches – if they are too wide you won’t get sufficient bands of color in your final quilted Christmas tree ornament.

STEP 3: Layer fabrics

Now lay down your base on your worktop right side facing downwards. You can pick any size that suits you – as long as you can fit quite a few of the Christmas tree templates onto the base.

On top of this lay your batting fabric or felt and pin it into place around the edges and put some pins in the center, to stop it moving when you add the strips.

scrappy tree ornaments stacking fabrics

STEP 4: Start quilting the strips

Time to start stitching the strips onto the base. Pick the first strip and pin it right side up at the bottom edge of the base fabrics.


Now place your second strip right side facing the right side of the first strip, and pin in place leaving a ¼ in seam allowance.

scrappy tree ornaments quilt as you go in action

STEP 6: Stitch the strips together

Stitch the strips together, ¼ of an inch (6mm) in from the edge, through the batting and base. Open out and press lightly so the two strips lie flat before pinning the next strip in place. The heat from the iron could melt the batting or felt, so make sure to keep the iron away from the unprotected batting as you work, and use on a low setting. Alternatively, you can finger press the seams open.

scrappy tree ornaments quilting the strips

STEP 7: Quilt as you go

Repeat the previous two steps, pinning, stitching and pressing open, until you have reached the top of the base and it is completely covered in strips. If some strips are too short join them before pinning to the strip below

quilted scrappy christmas tree ornament

STEP 8: Trim

Trim all raw edges and batting or felt that may have protruded from the base.

scrappy tree ornaments trimming around the edges

STEP 9: Trace your template on the patchwork

Place your Christmas tree template near any corner of the front of the competed quilted fabric and pin in place, allowing ½ an inch from any edges of the fabric and the tree template. You can choose to place the template at an angle, vertically or horizontally over the lines of strips. It is your choice – play around first and see what looks best.

I’d like to trace around the template using a fabric marker, but you can stitch directly around the template. Do

marking around the scrappy tree ornaments

STEP 10: Stitch around

Carefully stitch around the tree template as close to the paper as possible without catching it. When you come to corners leave the needle down, lift the pressure foot and swing around the fabric before putting down the pressure foot and continuing stitching. This makes for a neat outline.

When your tree is finished back tack and trim the threads, then remove the paper template.

cutting out the scrappy tree ornaments with pinking shears

STEP 11: Cut out

Cut out the tree using pinking shears or a pinking tool about ¼ inch from the stitch line.

STEP 12: Rinse and repeat

Repeat the last three steps to create more DIY quilted Christmas tree ornaments until you have used up all your quilted fabric.

cutting out the scrappy tree ornaments templates

STEP 13: (Optional) Add hanging loop

You can use colored ribbon, or a natural fiber ribbon to attach to the ornaments so they can be hung up. Cut the ribbon about 6 inches long, fold over, and stitch the raw ends of the ribbon to the back of the quilted Christmas tree ornament, near to the top. If you have a glue gun you can use this to attach the ribbon.

mini christmas tree ornaments

STEP 14: (Optional) Decorate

Use the one of the fancy stitches of your machine to stitch a cute decoration on top of the trees

scrappy quilted christmas tree ornament

Mini Quilted Tree Templates FAQ:

Q: How can I decorate the quilted tree ornament?

A: There are a number of possibilities:

  • Outline the tree along the stitch line with fabric glitter glue
  • Stitch a tiny sprig of holly to the middle of the tree
  • Attach a couple of small shiny beads or sequins to the tree, either by stitching or gluing
  • Attach a star bead to the top of the tree.

Q: Should I only use Christmas themed fabric for this project?

A: While a few strips of Christmas themed fabric will certainly add to the festive feel it is not necessary to only use themed fabric. Any plain color, silver or gold will fit in well as will fabric with smallish leaf prints, swirls or dots that suit the color scheme of your quilted Christmas tree ornament. You may have chosen a purple and silver theme or a blue and white theme – there are numerous color schemes. Just ensure the prints you use fit the theme.

Q Can I use these ornaments to decorate a wreath?

A: If you leave off the ribbon, you can easily use a glue gun to attach the quilted mini Christmas tree ornaments to wreaths. They can also be attached to gifts wrapping paper. With many people moving to using brown paper which is easily compostable these days, a mini quilted tree with a sprig of spruce will brighten up the present.


Once you start with these you’ll want to make a whole lot – if not this year then start early for next year. Send out cards with the mini quilted Christmas trees on them, ribbon attached, so that people can re-use the ornament on their own trees.  Load up your tree with these cute ornaments and have a very merry Christmas.

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Gemma Petracca - December 20, 2021

A very easy ornament for the tree or anywhere you choose to decorate at Christmas Time. It is a good item to practice for beginner sewers. You can even write the date on it.

    Helen - January 22, 2022

    That’s so great to hear, Gemma. It is seriously such an EASY and cool ornament! Even kids could make it


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