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How to Make a Froebel Star – Danish Christmas Star Ornament with Fabric

With Christmas coming up a Froebel star, also called German or Danish star makes a beautiful decoration to add to a tree or a wreath. This classic Danish Star Christmas ornaments are super easy to sew – yes, there is just one seam, and the rest involves folding. It’s a lovely project to do with the kids as you can sew a whole lot of strips up and let them help with the weaving, each creating a unique star for your family tree, and for them to give to grandparents, aunts, uncles and their own friends. The Danish Christmas Star is an ideal way to use up those small strips of cotton and quilting fabric, or extra bits of Christmas prints you have over from other projects.

Use Christmas print fabric in a cotton or cotton blend. I like to use coordinating colors – so a variety of red and white prints, or some prints that are predominantly green – or blue – whatever colors coordinate with your Christmas theme. These don’t need to be made only for the tree – you can make strips that are slightly wider and longer to make Christmas Coasters.

Below you will find my step by step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make a Danish Star Ornament

Supplies and tools

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How to Make a Froebel Star – a Classic Danish Christmas Decoration

Watch the diy Froebel star video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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Scandinavian Christmas Star INSTRUCTIONS:

For each star you will need four strips of fabric 2.5 inches by 15 inches long. You can use spray starch on the fabric, then press well, so the pieces are firm and crisp. This will help in creating a final star with really neat and sharp edges.

NOTE: If you are making a coaster or larger star, remember the ratio of width to length is 1 : 6 so 2.5 inches to 15 inches (with an extra inch allowed for tucking) will become 3 inches by 18 inches (plus one inch) for a larger star.

STEP 1: Fold

Fold one strip lengthways so you have a narrow piece 1 ¼  inch wide then press, making sure the edges line up neatly, right side to right side. Stitch along the length of the strip, ¼ inch from the edge, back tacking at start and finish. Repeat for the other strips.

STEP 2: Turn Around

Gently turn the fabric strips using a large safety pin or bodkin to pull the fabric through so the right side is showing.

STEP 3: Press

Use your fingers to roll the fabric to make sure the seam is showing and the sides of the fabric do not overlap – this happens very easily if you press without first making sure the fabric is flat on the sides of the seam. Press, after making sure the edges alongside the seam aren’t overlapping.

STEP 4: Fold again

Fold each strip so one side is longer than the other by 2 inches and press in the crease. You need not worry about the ends of the strips as these will he tucked in when you make the star – just make sure they are trimmed neatly.

STEP 5: Assemble

Now it is time to get ready to assemble the star. A gridded cutting board is useful in setting up the star. Have each folded strip with the shorter side facing upwards.

STEP 6: Place the strips

Watching our video will make is very clear as to how to assemble the star, but the method is to have all the shorter ends facing upwards, then lay one strip vertically with the fold closest to you and the ends pointing upwards to the top of your cutting board.

Lay the next strip one strip’s width (1 inch) upwards from the first strip’s fold, horizontally, raw ends facing to the left, with the fold tucked over the first vertical strip.

Now take the third strip, place it with the fold facing the top of the cutting board, and the ends closest to you, then slip it over the second strip you placed, close to the left of the first strip.

Place the 4th strip with the fold on the left and slip it over to complete the square, but this time taking both raw ends, and tucking them through the loop of the first strip, and neatly tightening up the central square.

STEP 7: Flip over and press

Fold the first strip across the middle, then flip over the second strip, the third strip and finally with the fourth strip tuck it under the loop formed from the first strip.

Ideally now all the ends should be the same length. If they are not, adjust them gently, otherwise, you may have difficulty tucking in enough material to hide the raw edges. You may want to give the half-finished star a press just to keep the weave in place.

STEP 8: Make the points

Time to make the points of the star. Take one loose end and fold it at a 45-degree angle to meet the square edge of the center of the star, flip the star over, fold another 45-degree angle, then fold the one triangle over the other triangle so it meets the edge of the square, take the extra bit of the raw edge and tuck it under the fold.

Repeat all the way around the Danish Christmas Star, until you have all four points completed.

Flip the star over and repeat steps 7 and 8

Our video tutorial makes this process very easy to follow.

STEP 9: (Optional) Press

Press the star.

If you prefer you can use an iron to press the points as you make them, to ensure they stay neatly tucked under as you work, but that is up to you.

STEP 10: Add a hanging loop

This is where you add a hanging loop to the star, using either a thin piece of ribbon, a piece of fishing line that creates a virtually invisible hanger, or a loop of braid. If using the Danish stars on a wreath you may use a glue gun to attach them.

That’s it your Danish star Christmas ornament it ready!

Depending on your Christmas décor these stars can be made with prints, or in a combination of plain colors. I was thinking for a sophisticated dinner of making coasters in black and silver, or brown and gold for a subtly festive look. I’m sure once you start going through your fabric stash with Danish Christmas stars in mind, you’ll come across endless combinations. If you like this tutorial then click the subscribe button for clever Christmas and other ideas delivered straight to your inbox.

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Yvonne Holmes - October 25, 2021

These will make lovely gift tags this Christmas! Thank you so much for your clear video
as it would be difficult to make with out.

Veronica Shortland - October 30, 2021

Thank youfor the wonderful instructions how to make this lovely star.

Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs - November 7, 2021

What a lovely project, they are so colourful.

Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBc. 🙂

Kim Carberry - November 8, 2021

What a gorgeous decoration and it looks quite simple to make too x


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