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Janome 8002D Serger Review

This time, we will be reviewing one of those interesting and useful specialty machines called sergers. The model in question is manufactured by Janome, one of the best producers of sewing machines in the world with a commendable history record tied to its name. After such words, it’s pretty obvious that it’s at least solid when talking about quality and performance, if not even extraordinary. But let’s not jump to conclusions right at the beginning.

So what does this specific serger machine have to offer to its potential buyers? For starters, Janome 8002D serger is very affordable which can’t be said for a lot of machines in this category. It should also be quite dependable, considering the manufacturer and its reputation. However, not much other than that can be said before reviewing it thoroughly so I think we should just move to the specification section without wasting any time.

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My review of Janome 8002d Serger

Major features and functions

Sergers are a bit different from normal sewing machines in a few ways like the fact that they work with multiple threads simultaneously or that they possess a knife which cuts the edges off cleanly prior to the machine finishing up the hem by stitching it up. They are very fast machines, usually much faster than the plain home models.

Janome 8002d
All edges that have been finalized by using a serger with three or more threads are strong yet stretchable, a characteristic that's useful for both neckline and waistline edges as well as sleeve endings since you need to stretch those parts a little while putting your clothes on. This model is no exception and it also possess those two most notable functions. Let's take a look at its other important specifications.
  • Three and four thread modes allow you to create stretchable, neat and durable edges. Use the three thread mode when you work with knit or woven fabrics. The four thread mode on the other hand makes a very strong seam so it’s recommended for anything that will go through a lot of wear and tear.
  • This machine has a differential feed ratio that goes from 0.5 millimeters to 2.25 millimeters. This means that you can make the two pieces of fabric you’re stitching together move at different speed, thus making it stretch or gather, depending on the setting. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
  • Switch to a rolled ham quickly with the rolled over hem device.
  • Built in thread cutter lets you wrap up your projects in a flash.
  • Retractable cutting knife is adjustable so you can set the cutting width to anything between 3.1 millimeter to 7.3 millimeters. Stitch length is adjustable as well, ranging from 1 to 4 millimeters.
  • You can easily set the tension of both needles as well as upper and lower threads and thread the machine with the help of an external color coded tension dial.
  • Your projects will be finished in no time, thanks to the maximum stitching speed of 1300 stitches per minute. Great for last minute repairs or alterations when you don’t have a lot of free time.
  • Presser foot pressure is adjustable as well which means you’ll be able to work with materials of different thickness without any problems. The presser feet can also be easily changed due to the snap-on mechanism they possess.

That’s about it when it comes to specifications. Now let’s see who this machine is for.

Who is it for

Sergers are meant for people who consider sewing as a serious part of their life, not just a hobby. Anyone who creates garment or something else for their customers or makes all of their clothing on their own fits into this category. It should be noted that these are specialty machines so they excel at certain tasks while sacrificing versatility. If you need a sewing machine for various tasks and projects, serger isn’t the right choice for you. If however, you need an additional machine in your arsenal, capable of producing high quality seams and edges, then you should definitely consider getting one.

Ease of use and setup

Janome 8002d serger isn’t quite a walk in the park when it comes to usage and setting it up. But that’s to be expected since sergers aren’t for complete beginners. Lack of automatic threading and tension setting will probably waste a bit of your time and will require some knowledge so that you can adjust it properly.

It comes fully assembled and threaded right out of the box which is nice. It’s also oiled so you don’t have to bother with that for a while., The model is also quite simple to use for a serger, with dials that helpful and aren’t complicated. Instructional guide and videos will help you to get accustomed to working on it in a very short time period.

What’s in the box

Along with the machine itself, you’ll be getting a decent number of accessories and additions in the original box. This includes two sets of needles, two screwdrivers, one large and one small, and a pair of tweezers. A bonus accessory pack consists of two packs of size 14 needles and a blind stitch presser foot.

Warranty and support

Janome provides their customers with a warranty, regardless of the type of sewing machine they purchased. All you have to do after getting one of their models is to go on their website and register your warranty, simple as that. As far as support goes, you’ll receive a user manual but you can also watch Instructional videos on the DVD that comes with it, or search for them online in order to completely master using this machine.

If you happen to be dissatisfied with what you got in the box, you can easily return the faulty model and either ask for a refund or a replacement, again by just going to the manufacturer’s website and filling out the appropriate form.


Since Janome 8002d is a pretty affordable serger machine, the fact that it does lack in a few areas shouldn’t come as a surprise- after all we recommend it as an upgrade pick for those in search of the best serger sewing machine. For starters, this model can’t work with thicker and tougher materials like leather or multiple layer denim. Even though it should be able to do such a task considering that its presser foot does have an option to change its pressure and lift height.

It also lacks a free arm which means you’ll probably have some problems when sewing cylindrical shapes like cuffs or sleeves. The accessory container is quite small which is a bit bothersome because sergers do require a decent number of those items. And lastly, this is a 110V only model so if you live outside the US, you’ll have to find some kind of a transformer in order to use it.


All in all, this Janome 8002d machine is a very good choice if you’re looking for a serger that’s reliable and affordable. It’s capable of doing almost anything you’d expect from such a machine. Unfortunately it doesn’t have five threads but to be fair, five thread sergers cost way more and are basically the best ones you can get.

In other words, if you seek a high quality serger but not exactly the most expensive one and you don’t need the possibility of using five threads simultaneously, thus creating extremely strong edges, then you should definitely consider buying this Janome 8002D.

Useful resources:
  • User manual – Janome 8002D Instruction manual (PDF)
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