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Sew What Pro vs Embrilliance Software – Comparison and Advice

Modern digital embroidery machines make embroidery that much easier by doing a fair amount of work on their own. But in order to be able to do that, they must first receive proper instructions in the form of a digitized embroidery pattern. This is where embroidery software step in.

A good embroidery software must check out a couple of boxes so that it can digitize a certain pattern appropriately. The user has to be able to adequately adjust parameters like pathing, stitch selection, push and pull adjustments and more. One false step could ruin the entire pattern.

The following two software meet most if not all of the demands a beginner or intermediate embroiderer would have. But each one has its own set of pluses and minuses. So let’s compare them and see which one fits you better.

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Sew What Pro vs Embrilliance Differences and Similarities

Sew What Pro

This software is capable of performing various tasks like pattern viewing and editing, resizing and merging.  Its strongest point is combining two or more purchased designs into one, new pattern. This software can read 30 different types of embroidery design files, which means it is compatible with embroidery machines from multiple manufacturers. This is very useful because you won’t have to buy a different program if you get a new machine. It also offers thread palettes from over fifteen manufacturers.

Before you purchase Sew What Pro, you can first try it out by using a free demo version. It doesn’t offer all of the features of the full version, but it’s enough to see if it suits your preferences or not. When you buy the software, you will need to have an internet connection to register the product and unlock all features. After you’ve made a few designs you will be able to use the program while offline, but you should check online for updates every now and then.

With See What Pro you can easily change background fabrics and individual thread colors, which allows you to emphasize certain parts of your designs. You can also delete individual stitches to achieve a specific look like making a logo seem as it is floating.

With the density adjustment tool you can resize a design at a constant density. Regular resizing can make your pattern too thin or thick, depending on whether you’re enlarging it or reducing it. This feature ensures your design stays true to the original no matter what size it is. Similarly, you can split a pattern into multiple individual ones.

Sew What Pro lets takes care of the pull compensation. This is very handy because it ensures that your pattern doesn’t get distorted or deformed due to thread pulling during stitching. In other words, your design will be stitched out on the fabric as it is on your computer screen. You won’t get gaps or outlines on your pattern where they shouldn’t be.

With plenty available plugins for this software, your embroidery pattern designing options can be further expanded. You will need to purchase them first though.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Sew What Pro to convert a regular image into an embroidery pattern. Special alphabet embroidery is also out of the question. To do all this, you will yet again, need to buy additional upgrades.


Embrilliance Essentials is most likely the best choice for you if you’re using one of Brother embroidery machines. Just like Sew What Pro, it offers you to do a test drive by downloading the free demo version and see if it’s your cup of tea.

If you’re running a small or medium embroidery business, this software will satisfy your needs. It offers a refund if you don’t like it after three months and it can run both on Windows and MAC, unlike Sew What Pro which works only on Windows. You can also use it on multiple computers with just one purchase. All your workers can use it simultaneously and you pay for that luxury just once.

Embrilliance Essentials doesn’t support as much file formats as its opponent in this article does. However, it offers the possibility to work on multiple hoops, which Sew What Pro does not. Both can take care of the density settings when resizing a design. Embrilliance does the adjustments automatically, while Sew What Pro lets you do it on your own, or have it do that automatically as well.

Embrilliance Essentials allows you to delete parts of a pattern by color. This means you can use designs that have only one or two parts that you like and then separate those parts and turn them into entirely new patterns.

You can use this software to print out your embroidery design in its true size and ratio so that you can set it up on the machine’s hoop. Sew What Pro on the other hand lets you print out your design, but it won’t stay true to the original size so it’s just for your record.

Embrilliance Essentials doesn’t take care of the pull compensation. To do that, you will need to buy an additional upgrades called Enthusiast. It also doesn’t allow you scan someone’s embroidery and save it as a pattern.

Takeaway: Embrilliance vs Sew what pro

Both software packages are very good so it all comes down to your needs and your skill level. Advanced users will probably prefer Sew What Pro since it gives you more control over individual stitches. But if you’re running an embroidery business, Embrilliance Essentials is probably a better choice. It does cost more but you can put it on multiple computers with just one purchase.

Embrilliance Essentials supports MAC while Sew What Pro doesn’t and requires you to use an emulator if you have that operating system. Both are beginner friendly with great online support like instructional videos and manuals.

So, which one is your choice Embrilliance or Sew what pro? Why?

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