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15+ Free Sewing Machine Cover Patterns and Ideas

It’s very important to cover your sewing machine when you are not using it. We create so much dust with our fabric and thread when we are sewing, that we don’t really need any extra everyday dust into our trusty sewing machine (or serger). It’s super simple to make a cover, so go ahead and whip up one. A handmade cover is a million times better than a plastic cover. Not only it protects your machine from dust but it’s such an eye candy. If you are keen to make your own, just check out this collection of free sewing machine cover patterns and pick the one to make today.

Please note that there is not a template that suits all machines a brand makes. There is no juki sewing machine cover pattern or brother sewing machine cover pattern simply because of the sheer variety of machines each brand has. If you feel lazy or prefer the simplest option, go for a cover with ties. However I believe it’s best to make a custom sewing machine cover according to the measurements of your sewing machine. It’s involves some simple math but everything is shown step by step, so don’t worry So without further ado

Free sewing machine cover patterns

Simple Sewing machine cover pattern with handle slot

sewing machine cover

by Wagdoll

Sewing machine cover and mat with pockets and handle slot

dust cover and machine mat 2 in 1

by Lillyella

Custom Sewing Machine Cover

Made to measure sewing machine cover with binding

sewing machine cover with handle hole

by Threadsmagazine

Serger or sewing machine cover pattern pdf

serger sewing machine cover

by Closetcorepatterns

Easy quilted sewing machine cover pattern

quilted sewing machine cover

by Sewdelicious

Sewing machine dust cover with pocket

sewing machine dust cover pattern

by Weallsew

Step by step video to make a custom cover for your sewing machine

The simplest cover for a machine

easy sewing machine cover

by Letscraftinstead

Reversible sewing machine cover

reversible sewing machine cover

by Weallsew

Free pattern sewing machine cover with decorative stitches

sewing machine cover with decorative stiches

by Sew4home

Simplicity sewing machine cover

by Simplicity.

Scrap Buster Sewing Machine Cover

scrap buster sewing machine cover

by Pileofabric


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