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15+ Free Sewing Machine Cover Patterns and Ideas

It’s very important to cover your sewing machine when you are not using it. We create so much dust with our fabric and thread when we are sewing, that we don’t really need any extra everyday dust into our trusty sewing machine (or serger). It’s super simple to make a cover, so go ahead and whip up one. A handmade cover is a million times better than a plastic cover. Not only it protects your machine from dust but it’s such an eye candy. If you are keen to make your own, just check out this collection of free sewing machine cover patterns and pick the one to make today.

Please note that there is not a template that suits all machines a brand makes. There is no juki sewing machine cover pattern or brother sewing machine cover pattern simply because of the sheer variety of machines each brand has. If you feel lazy or prefer the simplest option, go for a cover with ties. However I believe it’s best to make a custom sewing machine cover according to the measurements of your sewing machine. It’s involves some simple math but everything is shown step by step, so don’t worry So without further ado

Free sewing machine cover patterns

Simple Sewing machine cover pattern with handle slot

sewing machine cover

You don’t want your precious sewing machine to get scratched when you’re taking it with you somewhere, and this case can take care of that for you since it covers the entirety of the machine, and it has a gap for the handle to go through, so you can easily carry your most important tool and not worry if something will get spilled on it or damage its exterior.

by Wagdoll

Sewing machine cover and mat with pockets and handle slot

dust cover and machine mat 2 in 1

Here’s a multifunctional cover that will keep your trinkets next to the sewing machine thanks to the pockets it has and stop the dust or accidental coffee splashes from getting to your mechanic pal when you’re not sitting in front of it. But here’s a twist, the cover is a mat as well, so when that sewing o clock hits, you can take it off and put it to good use.

by Lillyella

Custom Sewing Machine Cover

This cover pattern is adequate for both large and regular size machines and will keep them both dust-free no matter how long you let them rest, thanks to its fairly hard, boxy shape with no gaps other than the opening at the bottom for the machine to go through. The cover has tubing edges and a cute exterior made of three differently colored fabrics.

Made to measure sewing machine cover with binding

sewing machine cover with handle hole

If you like to keep your sewing essentials next to the sewing machine, this cover could be what you need, since it has a large and deep pocket at its front, decorated with a contrasting bias binding on its opening, together with a matching binding at the bottom edge, a rounded top edge and closed sides, complete with a gap for the top handle.

by Threadsmagazine

Serger or sewing machine cover pattern pdf

serger sewing machine cover

This bad boy is somewhere between a hard and light cover that will keep your machine safe and sound from dust and any other bothers stylishly, with a large front pocket that has a big snap or a button on the middle of its top edge and a subtle tubing around the side edges as a fine decorative touch.

by Closetcorepatterns

Easy quilted sewing machine cover pattern

quilted sewing machine cover

Quilters, this one is for you, it’s a cover you can make utilizing your quilting skills to get a beautiful cover with colorful square patches in rows of four that cover the front, back, and the top of the machine, as well as two rectangular patches at the sides, with a thin bias tape finish around the opening at the bottom.

by Sewdelicious (on Webarchive)

Sewing machine dust cover with pocket

sewing machine dust cover pattern

Those of you who prefer simple covers that have open sides and require less fabric will probably like this one, it’s a large rectangle with a binding finish around the edges, a pocket for some of your sewing essentials, and two ribbons on each side so you can tie it in place when you place it on the machine.

by Weallsew

Step by step video to make a custom cover for your sewing machine

Here comes a cover that will fit your machine perfectly and make it look chic and cute while it keeps it protected from the dust, with its rounded rectangle top edge, closed sides, a shallow pocket split into two sections that can fit your needles or thread scissors, and a cute binding around the bottom edge and the opening on the two-compartment pocket.

The simplest cover for a machine

easy sewing machine cover

Whip up a fast and simple cover for your sewing machine that features a boxy shape that has an opening at the bottom, with no decorations or pockets, nor tubing and binding, meaning you will be able to sew it in under twenty minutes, making it ideal for those situations when you realize your old cover is done for and you’re traveling on a holiday tomorrow so you require protection for the machine in a jiffy.

by Letscraftinstead

Reversible sewing machine cover

reversible sewing machine cover

You’ll never get tired of your sewing machine cover again with this little guy around, a boxy cover that has a contrasting bias binding finish around the opening, a body made of two differently colored fabrics arranged so the matching fabrics cover the front and the back while contrasting ones make the sides. The cover is reversible as well, so if you want to give your machine a new outfit, just turn this one inside out!

by Weallsew

Free pattern sewing machine cover with decorative stitches

sewing machine cover with decorative stiches

No need to make your cover plain if you like a bit of zaz on your stuff, take a look at this pattern, it features a colorful design with vertical decorative stitches going over the front and the back, a small pocket at the bottom-right corner of the front of the cover, and additional pockets at the sides, complete with a handle opening and two fabric loops at the top that come in handy when you’re taking the cover off the machine.

by Sew4home

Paid sewing machine cover ideas

Simplicity sewing machine cover

Simplicity Sewing Pattern Machine Organizer
This pattern is worth every dime, simply because it is beautiful and extremely handy, when you use it as a cover it takes a form of a hardcover that has tubing around the edges, side and front pockets, and a beautiful, colorful appearance. When you take it off, you can open it up and put it under your machine as a mat, then put those interior pockets to good use and keep your necessities inside.

by Simplicity.

Scrap Buster Sewing Machine Cover

scrap buster sewing machine cover

This one is as flamboyant as covers can get, thanks to its body made of patches in rainbow colors arranged in a gradient manner as a real rainbow, but it’s also super practical because it’s a mat and a cover in one, fitted with a shallow pocket split into six small pockets able to hold scissors, thread, needles and such. When you use it as a cover, it leaves the sides open but tied together with ribbons so that the cover stays securely on the machine.

by Pileofabric

Your sewing machines can take a breather now because they’ll be safe from dust at all times when they’re resting, thanks to all these sewing machine cover patterns at your disposal. Did you enjoy this list or do you think it could be even better? Let us know in the comment section, we appreciate your feedback! Have fun sewing your new sewing machine covers!

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Jennifer Joseph - October 4, 2022

thank you so much for letting me posted.
love every idea. I save all your emails.
I hope to make something some day hahaha

nice to know your real add I am, my sewing stuff if in every crook n cranny in my home. I don’t know how I live. I’m also a silkscreener and every other space is full of my stuff. I just need a new house. LOL ? THANKS❤️ ps I love coffee too. ☕

Connie K - October 19, 2022

I watched your video on making the cover and it is still very confusing as you do not actually show you sewing the cover together as you give the instructions which would be very helpful. Just showing me the finished product does not help me in how it is sewn together. You need to give a better illastration to include showing you sewing the cover.

    Helen - October 20, 2022

    Hey Connie,
    The video you watched is not mine, it’s made by one of the featured designers. Browse around the other tutorials, there is a link under each image showing the steps how they put it all together. Hope that helps

debbie - December 9, 2022

In the Sewing Machine cover pattern, I was wondering how you made the heart
“fun patch” as you called it?

    Helen - December 11, 2022

    Hi Debbie,
    Click through the link below the image/description and it will take you to the step by step tutorial


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