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How to Make a Fabric Basket Pattern and Tutorial

We have a cute project that you are going to love whether you are new to sewing, or an ardent sewist with cupboards filled with pieces of fabric that will “come in handy one day”. I will show you how to make a fabric basket in any size you want. These fabric baskets are really easy. I promise. They’re inexpensive too, especially if you have offcuts from other sewing projects. My mind goes into hyperdrive and my fingers start itching just thinking about all the possibilities. Imagine those cute diy fabric baskets in Christmas prints, autumn hues, fresh spring tints, or Hamptons tones to store all the clutter. They can also be used to provide a fresh new look for pot plants.

I’m giving you a table with four different size square fabric baskets in inches and in centimeters so you can start finding suitable material off cuts.

how to make fabric baskets

Below you will find my custom size fabric basket tutorial with step by step VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make a fabric basket

Supplies and tools

fabric basket pattern and supplies

DOWNLOAD: Fabric basket pattern (Free PDF file)
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How To Sew Fabric Baskets

Watch the diy fabric basket video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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STEP 1: Fabric basket pattern and measurements

Custom sized basket:

If you want to make a fabric basket with square bottom according to your own measurements, here is a handy calculator how to cut the fabric.


You will need to cut 8 rectangles with the same measurements:

  • 2 pieces of the outer fabric
  • 2 pieces of lining
  • 4 pieces of fusible interfacing

I’m making the small basket today, so I cut my fabrics pieces 11 x 9.5 inches each.

cut pieces of fabric for the fabric box

The fusing gives ‘body’ to your fabric basket, but can be omitted if you are using a slightly heavier upholstery material.

Start by sorting through the bits and pieces you have. If you are new to sewing and going out to buy fabric then I suggest you buy ¼ of a yard in two different fabrics –a patterned one and a plain one that picks up one of the colors in the pattern Later on once you have aced the first basket you may want to start a mini-production line with all the fabrics lined up, ready to cut and sew.

This pattern makes a reversible basket so choose a lining you really like. Avoid very thin fabrics, stretch fabrics and fleecy fabric. Cotton prints or plain, curtaining, and fairly light upholstery fabric work well.

STEP 3: Iron interfacing to fabrics

Iron the fusible lining according to the manufacturer’s instructions (it may vary according to different brands), to the wrong side of all four fabric pieces (2 outer and 2 lining) for your basket.

making fabric basket - iron interfacing to fabric

STEP 4: Cut the bottom corners

Cut out both bottom corners out of each fabric piece according to the cutting chart/calculator. I find that the easiest way to do this is either by using the paper pattern or by cutting the corners out of the first fabric piece and using it as a guide to cut the rest of the fabrics.

cut the bottom corners of the fabric basket pieces

For my small basket I cut 2.5 inch squares out of each bottom corner.

STEP 5: Stitch outer to lining

Place the one piece of outer fabric and one lining facing right side to right side and stitch down the top using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Repeat for the second set.

stitching outer fabric to lining fabric of the fabric bins

STEP 6: Press seams

Head over to your iron and press open both seams.

pressing seams open is the next step in making diy fabric basket

STEP 7: Layer and Pin

Place the fabrics on top of each other, outer facing outer and lining facing lining, right side to right side of together.

layering the diy fabric bin pieces

STEP 8: Stitch around

Stitch on the wrong side along one side, and the top. Then on the other side stitch one third of the way down, leave a gap of 2 inches (this is to turn the lining through to the outer fabric) and then continue stitching down the side.

stitch around the fabric basket

(OPTIONAL) Back to the iron to press open the three seams of the lining – two sides and bottom.

STEP 9: Square the corners

Take your outer pieces that are stitched together inside out and place the end of the side seam to the end of the bottom seam where the corner is cut out and stitch, first on one side and then the other. You have now created a square box shape.

Repeat the above step with the lining, so you have another square box.

how to box the corners to make a fabric basket

Turn the fabric bin inside out through the gap in the lining piece.

STEP 10: Stitch the gap

Push the raw edges inside. Stitch the gap in the lining shut either using a ladder stitch or your sewing machine.

The lining will not be visible, so that is all up to personal preference

sewing fabric basket

STEP 11: Place the lining inside

Place the lining that is inside out inside the outer which is right side out and line up the top edges.

tuck the lining inside the diy fabric basket

(optional) Press well around the top edge and along the bottom corners for a crisp look.

STEP 12: (Optional) TOPSTITCH

Pin both lining and outer together. Stitch along the top of the basket, then nestle the corners of the lining into the outer and you’re all done.

If you are making a large basket, you can also topstitch along the sides to help it stand up and hold it’s shape better. Having that extra top stitching gives the fabric basket additional support. Make sure to stop stitching about 2 inches from the ed

This step is not necessary for small and medium sized baskets or if ‘skeleton’ support is not needed.


You now have a basket all ready to use after turning down an inch at the top to show the contrasting lining.

Turning the top down in the last step in sewing fabric baskets


  1. HANDLES – you can add one or two handles on the opposite sides of the fabric basket for easier handling
  2. STACKABLE BINS – Make the square fabric bins in size S, M and L so that they are stackable and can be easily stored when not in use

FAQs, Tips and Troubleshooting:

  • Accuracy in measurement for the pattern pieces is very important to get the baskets looking good.
  • You cannot get a professional finish on any sewing unless you are prepared to press those seams as you go.
  • Remember not to stretch the fabric as you press the top turnover.

What to do with your DIY fabric baskets

Now you’ve done your first basket you are going to want to make lots more. They are great to keep in reserve for those last-minute notifications you get where a gift is appropriate:

  • A baby shower – fill with baby lotions, shampoos and creams or a couple of cute outfits.
  • Women’s birthdays – fill with chocolates, or place a beautiful flowering pot plant into the basket.
  • For men’s birthdays have baskets prepared in masculine blacks, greys and whites and fill with an assortment of nuts, salami, cheese and biscuits.
  • For kids’ birthdays fill with an assortment of small toys.
  • For the elderly – fill with a few jars of special treats.

You’ll want to use these fabric baskets around the house for craft and sewing supplies, keeping hair accessories together, scarves neatly rolled, kids socks in one place and loads more.

Please do let me know your experience of sewing these fabric baskets in the comments section below, or drop us an email. And please upload photos to Pinterest or Instagram and share them as I would love to see your creativity.

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PATRICIA - December 14, 2020

how do I print the pattern?

    Helen - December 15, 2020

    Download the pattern from the supplies and tools section. Print it at 100% (no scaling) on a US letter paper. If you are making size small you can only print pages 1-2 and 4-5

Linda - December 15, 2020

Am I missing something? I click to get the PDF file but it doesn’t appear to have a link.

    Helen - December 15, 2020

    Try again, I fixed the link.

mireille - December 17, 2020

These are really cute and I love that they can be used for gifts and be used over and over again.

Catherine Sokolowski - December 17, 2020

Your basket is so colorful and fun. Thank you for the tutorial.

Susan - December 19, 2020

Very cute – thanks for the tut!

Michele Morin - December 20, 2020

Creative option for Christmas gift presentation!

Ruth Angotti - December 21, 2020

I so appreciate your help being a beginner you’ve been so extremely helpful. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get the pattern for these adorable baskets to come up. Just has a blank screen and bar on top says Where to send file. I went to the portion that tells us the supplies and tools needed but it still isn’t working. If you have time could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!!

Thank you,

Melynda - December 23, 2020

Hello, this is one of my favorites for Encouraging Hearts and Home, this week! I hope you stop by and say hello, this post has been pinned! Thank you for being a part of Encouraging Hearts and Home, we appreciate all that you share. Have a great week ahead!

Shelbee on the Edge - December 23, 2020

Super cute! These would be so great for home organization projects! Thanks for sharing and linking!


Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook - December 24, 2020

I love the fabric basket! Thanks for the tutorial. Happy holidays! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday party!

Marilyn Lesniak - December 27, 2020

Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Please stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

Beverly - December 31, 2020

These are such cute baskets. Congratulations, you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you stop by.
Happy new Year.

    Helen - December 31, 2020

    Thanks for the feature, Bev! I’ll stop by to say hello
    Happy new year!

Nicole - January 1, 2021

Are they washable?

    Helen - January 2, 2021

    Yes, they are

Donna @ Modern on Monticello - January 6, 2021

Great project for organizing stuff in the new year. Thanks for always sharing such great tutorials. #HomeMattersParty is back this week and I look forward to seeing your new posts.

Cindy@CountyRoad407 - January 8, 2021

This is so cute. Great tutorial as well. Thanks for sharing it over on the Farmhouse Friday Link Party. We are featuring it tomorrow. Hope you link up again soon. 🙂

Linnie - January 9, 2021

I would like to make a custom sized basket. I tried Theo link for the calculator, but the reply is that This file cannot be previewed.It might be corrupted or of an unknown file format. Help?

    Helen - January 10, 2021

    I just checked the link and it is working properly on my end.
    It might be your browser settings? It’s an excel file, so not un unknown or corrupted file. Try these:
    1) right click on the link and save it on your computer. or
    2) use different device (PC, phone) or browser
    3) if the above fail, drop me an email via the contact for and I’ll manually send you the file
    Let me know if that works for you
    Happy sewing

Ashley - January 31, 2021

Thanks for the tutorial and calculator! I’m making these to fit a cube storage so I want to make them exactly 12x12x12. I’ve got it in the calculator but my only question is – do these measurements make a 12” height with the 1” fold down or without? In other words, if I don’t wish to fold down the top, should I take an inch off the height measurement when cutting my squares? Thanks in advance!

bindu patel - March 31, 2021

i made few basket for my daughter now she want one made with large size for her plant her size is 14″ diameter and 13″high
i am try to make one for her but i don’t know what size fabric should be cut with
how much i should cut for corner i will really appriciate if help me
thank you very much

Nia - July 8, 2021


Newbie here so sorry if this is a daft question! Can this pattern be used to create a rectangular base basket?



Dorothy - October 15, 2022

I would like to make one but put
In a pope ended zipper . I have seen one a rectangular shape with a decorative open ended zipper.dorothy

Sylvia - November 28, 2022

What weight fusible interfacing do you use?

    Helen - December 2, 2022

    Medium weight

Sylvia - December 3, 2022

This is such a great project. I made four sets of these last year for gifts. very easy once you get one set done.

Jax - January 8, 2023

Just what I needed! Thanks so much for sharing AND ESPECIALLY the calculator! x


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