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How to Make an Oven Mitt – FREE pattern and VIDEO

I seriously get oven mitt envy when I go into shops and see all the lovely ones hanging up just begging me to take them home. But they can be pricey. I was excited to get started on this free one-size-fits-all oven mitt pattern, so I could make ones that coordinated with my kitchen colors.  I also no longer had to risk burning my fingers when using a dishcloth because the oven mitts were in the wash, or had mysteriously disappeared – kids seem to think they make great nests for hatching dinosaur eggs!

diy oven mitt

The project is fairly easy, taking around half an hour and the tutorial  explains step-by-step how to make an oven mitt using the free pattern. The oven mitt takes a little bit more time because of the quilting involved, but quilting the DIY oven mitt does give it a firmness which is far safer when handling casserole dishes and pots and pans, than just layering the fabric. Oven mitts tend to get bits of food and grease on them so they will probably be washed quite often, and the sturdier the construction the better.

diy quilted oven mitt in use

Below you will find my step by step oven mitt written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make an oven mitt

DIY Oven mitt Supplies and tools

  • fabric – 2 pieces  @ 13 x 20″ of cotton, canvas or home decor fabric (one main, one lining)
  • batting -13x 20″
  • 1/2″ wide double fold bias tape
  • free oven mitt pattern (download from the link below)
  • matching thread
  • scissors (or rotary cutter and a cutting mat)
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • iron and ironing board
  • sewing clips or pins
  • sewing machine

Notes: You can use a variety of materials– satin, silk and even chiffon

DOWNLOAD: oven mitt pattern (Free PDF file)

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How to Sew an Oven Mitt

Watch the diy oven mitt video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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STEP 1: Prepare the oven mitt pattern

Download and print out the oven mitt pattern to size, then cut out the paper pattern – the seam allowance of ¼ inch has already been included so you don’t have to worry about that.

Make sure to download the oven mitt template to your computer because printing directly from the browser often times causes the pattern to skew.

oven mitt pattern

STEP 2: Cut and layer fabrics

You will have chosen  an inner fabric, an outer fabric and a piece of batting. Each piece should be 13 x 20 inches (33 x 50cm). Lay your fabric out as follows:

  1. Lining with wrong side facing you
  2. Batting with the shinier side facing you
  3. Outer fabric with right side facing you

Then using safety pins, secure  the three pieces together, lining up the layers neatly and inserting safety pins working from the center outward to ensure the layers are smooth.

STEP 3: Mark quilting lines

Decide where you are going to quilt. My outer fabric had a pattern so I just followed the lines on the pattern, which was pretty easy, like in the fabric below.

If you chose a plain outer fabric then you will need to mark out a quilting guide using an erasable fabric marker, with parallel lines one inch apart, to form a grid.

oven mitt marking the quilting lines

STEP 4: Quilt the oven mitt

Stitch along the quilting lines –the ones you have drawn, or the ones in the pattern of the fabric. Always work from the centre outwards so the fabric quilts neatly.

oven mitt quilted sandwich

STEP 5: Mark and cut out 2 mirror pieces for the oven mitt

Once the fabric is quilted take your paper pattern and make a mirror image of it, like you see in the image below.

free oven mitt pattern - tracing it on fabric

Lay these two pieces on the quilted fabric and pin to secure, then cut them out neatly.

quilted oven mitt halves

STEP 6: Join the two halves of the oven mitt

With the lining facing outwards, place the two halves of the oven mitt together, pin to secure and stitch around the edges, leaving the bottom at the wrist open. Because the fabric will be quite thick you may need to set your machine to a longer stitch.

oven mitt stitched edge

STEP 7: Clip the thumb curve

Once the two pieces are joined, clip carefully around the inner part of the thumb area, making about 3 cuts so it turns neatly. Just be careful not to get too close to the stitching otherwise it will fray with use.

STEP 8: Turn around

Turn the oven mitt right side out, using a blunt instrument like a chopstick or the top end of a pencil – not the sharp point, to get the seams turned neatly any lying flat.

STEP 9: Press

Use your iron to give it a quick press.

pressing the handmade oven mitt

STEP 10:  Prepare the hanging loop

Attach the hanging loop so you can hang the oven mitt for easy access. Take a 5 inch piece of bias tape and fold it over lengthways, so the edges match up, pin and stitch along the edge.

hanging loop of the oven mitt

STEP 11: Baste the hanging loop to the mitt

Now fold the loop over in half, so you have a 2 ½ inch piece that you can pin to the outer edge of the oven mitt near the seam below the thumb. The loop must face upwards into the mitt and the raw edges should line up with the raw edges of the mitt.

attaching hanging loop to the oven mitt

STEP 12: Pin binding

Time to fit the binding. Measure the width of the oven mitt at the wrist and double this amount and add an inch – so if the mitt is 7 inches you will cut a strip 7 x 2+ 1 = 15 inches. Pin the binding to the oven mitt, starting from the outer wrist side, working to across the end of the loop, and leaving the extra piece at the end – we’ll come back to this.

attaching binding to the oven mitt

STEP 13: Stitch binding

Stitch the binding onto the body of the oven mitt, making sure you are catching the underneath side as well. When you get to the last 2 inches cut the thread and remove from the machine.

Now trim off the excess leaving just an inch at the end of the binding, then bend over ¼ of an inch of the end of the binding, tucking the ¼ inch under the folded bits of the binding, pin in place so the end overlaps about ¾ of an inch over where you started. Stitch the binding closed and leaving the fabric on your machine, lift the foot and swing the fabric 90 degrees, so you can stitch down the ¼ inch or so of the binding. Back stitch. This ensures the ¼ inch you tucked in cannot fray out with use.

That’s it! The DIY oven mitt is ready

quilted oven mitt

OVEN MITTS FAQs, Tips and Troubleshooting:

Q: Can I use ready quilted fabric?

A: It will definitely reduce time to buy a ready quilted fabric – just make sure it is a fairly sturdy fabric as some ready quilted fabrics tend to be a bit on the thin side and won’t give you the burn protection you need.

Q: Can I skip the quilting?

A: It is possible to make the oven mitt without quilting, but you do risk the batting moving during the wash and dry cycle and it may end up looking a bit lumpy. I would suggest doing a small amount of quilting in the center part just to hold the layers in place if you don’t want to quilt the whole oven mitt.

Q: Can I use upholstery fabric for the outer?

A: This will depend on the washability of the décor fabric and thickness – too thick and it will be difficult to work with. If it does not wash well you will have wasted time on something that may shrink in the first wash/dry cycle. I would suggest a sturdy cotton that has a reputation for color fastness, and that has been pre-shrunk.


I am quite keen on doing these in Christmas fabrics and I can just imagine bright pumpkin orange ones for Halloween with maybe a spider appliqued onto them. Denim ones with a brightly printed bias binding could be fun – and you can use repurpose the denim from jeans the kids have outgrown. Do watch the video tutorial so you can see exactly how to make the one-size-fits-all oven mitt using our free pattern.

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Nancy - May 7, 2021

Looks like a fun pattern to try. However, what type of BATTING should I use? Should it be something heat resistant or just regular quilting batting? Also, in the tutorial you do not mention bias tape as one of the supplies needed.

    Helen - May 10, 2021

    Hi Nancy, it would be better if you can use heat resistant batting. Quilting batting compresses over time, so if you need to use that, my advice would be to double it.
    As for the bias tape – you can either buy 1/2 inch double fold bias tape or make your own. I’ve updated the tutorial to include it

Donna B Reidland - May 10, 2021

This looks like a clear tuturial.

creativejewishmom/sara - May 13, 2021

Love it, so many fun possibilities! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

Jayne - May 16, 2021

What a fun project. You could put these in a foodies hamper too, they would make a lovely gift. #MMBC

    Helen - May 18, 2021

    What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing, Jayne

Beverly - May 20, 2021

What a great project. You have done an awesome job with your tutorial and your video. I can’t wait to make one. Congratulations, you are being featured on Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you stop by.

Shelbee on the Edge - May 25, 2021

Super cute, Helen, And I know my kitchen can never have too many oven mitts! Thanks for sharing and linking with me!


    Helen - May 25, 2021

    Thank you, Shelbee! Did you buy a machine so you can make some of these cuties?

      Shelbee on the Edge - May 28, 2021

      I have not yet bought a sewing machine! I think I may start checking out yard sales for a used one! I will keep you posted when I get one!


Chickenruby - May 28, 2021

I’m loving the videos, you make it all look so easy
Thanks for linking to #pocolo and hope to see you back again soon

Elizabeth - November 9, 2021

Love the pattern for the mittens pot holder, but what kind of batting do you use??

Marcy - November 22, 2021

How can I print the instructions???

shirley valent - January 12, 2022

How can I obtain instructions for the toothfairy pillow?


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