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100+ Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns

Patterns, ah patterns. Skirts, dresses, tops, totes – those are everywhere. However, when it comes to lingerie – underwear, camisoles, slips, nightgowns… Free lingerie sewing patterns are incredibly hard to find online. One has to spend many hours surfing and sifting through hundreds and thousands sites to find good and FREE lingerie patterns.

I have a confession to make – I love luxurious lingerie and the way it rubs against my skin. And, as you probably know I love sewing. Those two passions fueled those many hours of searching good quality free lingerie patterns. So, here are the almost 80 patterns and tutorials I was able to find after I created the guide to choosing the best sewing machine for a clothing designer! This is a work in progress and I would love to expand the list to 100, so if you stumble upon a good and Free lingerie pattern or tutorial for beginners, please share it in the comments. Now enjoy the collection!

BRAS – free bra sewing patterns and tutorials

  1. Satin Bra Pattern by M-Sewing
  2. Bra in 10 Simple Steps by Instructables
  3. Brassiere Making
  4. Developing A Simple Bra Pattern by Burdastyle
  5. Sew a Removable Bra Pocket for Hiding money
  6. Bra Pattern Making Tips
  7. Bra Dilemma Solved: making your own custom-fitted bra
  8. How to make a bra that fits perfectly – step by step tutorial by Mark Garbarczyk
  9. Simple, sparkling, strappy bralette Mallori Lane  by Madalynne (PDF)
  10. Wrap around Halter bralette Sierra (for smaller busts) (PDF) by Madalynne (PDF)

    UNDERWEAR-  Complete Sets – free underwear sewing patterns

  11. Simple halter bra and panty pattern Noelle (PDF) by Madalynne
  12. Easy Eco Lingerie by Crafting a Green World
  13. Sewing Lingerie That Fits – Fitting and Creating Patterns (PDF) by Karen Morris
  14. DIY Lingerie Sewing from stretch sheer tulle fabric
  15. Camisole and Panties White and Red set Pattern
  16. Underwire bra “Maya” with non-detachable straps

    PANTIES – free panties and undies sewing patterns

    how to sew panties

  17. How to make panties using your favorite pair as a pattern by HelloSewing
  18. Lace undies VS Style by So Sew Easy
  19. Lacey Thong Panty pattern by Fehr Trade
  20. Mini Bloomers Pattern and Tutorial by Collette HQ
  21. Rosy Lace Ladyshorts by Cloth Habit
  22. Cheeky Panties Pattern
  23. Sew Your Own Skivvies Tutorial
  24. Character Panties Tutorial
  25. Panty with Lace inserts Tutorial
  26. Panties from Scratch via Instructables
  27. Panties Pattern / Scalloped Boyshort Panty
  28. Women’s Underwear by M-Sewing
  29. Make Your Own Knickers DIY Tutorial
  30. Hipster Knickers Pattern by Make Bra


  31. Seamless Front Bikini
  32. Simple Bikini Pattern


  33. Thrifty Fun: Boxers Out Of Old Pillowcases Tutorial
  34. Low Rise Boxers Pattern for Stretchy Fabric
  35. Classic Cotton Boxers Pattern KIDS UNDERWEAR
  36. Classic Boy’s Boxers (5-6 years old)
  37. Baby Briefs – double front with flies


  38. 20+ Camisole sewing patterns and tutorials roundup by HelloSewing
  39. Bias-Cut Camisole by the Weekend Designer
  40. DIY Fuchsia Camisole out of a T-shirt by Jessica from Sew Homegrown
  41. Camisole out of Handkerchiefs
  42. Romantic and Feminine Sweet Camisole Pattern by the Weekend Designer


  43. Ladies Chemise 1889-93 1800 Style by Ladies Treasury, a magazine of Victorian and Edwardian costume and needlework
  44. Ladies Old Fashioned Chemise by Ladies Treasury
  45. Vintage Lace Chemise Tutorial


  46. Gorgeous Caftan from the pattern drafting blog “Weekend Designer” Don Morin
  47. Sew A Caftan in just 90 minutes by Sharon Sews
  48. How To Make Your Own Kaftan by Tori Spelling


  49. DIY Japanese Yukata (unlined Kimono) Tutorial
  50. DIY Quickie Robe Tutorial by DIY Style
  51. Women’s Bathrobe
  52. Super Easy Kimono in just 30 minutes
  53. Stylish DIY Beach Towel Poncho – 20 minutes from start to finish


  54. How to Make A Sweet Little Half Slip by Krista Rehberg
  55. Sew A Half-Slip
  56. How To Sew A DIY Cotton Half-Slip
  57. Lingerie Sewing: Sexy Red Slip Tutorial
  58. Crinoline Pattern – tutorial by Craft Passion
  59. 50’s Petticoat Pattern by Elegant Impressions on Burda Style
  60. Luxurious slip with a bias cut skirt and lace bodice


  61. DIY Pillowcase Nightgown
  62. So Very Blue Nightgown / Dress*
  63. Baby Doll Nightgown by Weekend designer
  64. Island Flouncer Nightgown / Dress * by Weekend Designer
  65. Vintage White Nightie out of Pillowcase
  66. Empire Style Gown /Nightie/Dress *
  67. Super Simple ad Super Cute Nightgown Tutorial
  68. Ruffled Romper Nightie


  69. Comfortable Lounging Pajamas
  70. Free Pajama Pattern for Adult or Child
  71. Perfect Fitting Pajama Bottoms
  72. The Pajama Pant for beginners
  73. Easy Fit Yoga Pants*
  74. Sew Your Own Pajama Pants


  75. Low-Cut Lace Socks Tutorial by Annette from FabriCate & Mira
  76. Leggings From Old Track Pants
  77. How To Make Socks From Tights


  78. 20+ Slipper sewing patterns and tutorials by HelloSewing
  79. Comfy Cotton Summer Slippers with embroidery
  80. Cozy Ballerina Slippers
  81. Cute DIY Bedroom Slippers with Statement ribbon detail
  82. Easy Sewn winter slippers pattern

* The Patterns marked with asterics (*) which were not originally designed as lingerie, but with a change of fabric, adapt extremely well.

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Rose Anna Eales - March 7, 2020

Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!

Elane - March 28, 2020

Great blog you have here.. It’s hard too find good quality writing like yours
nowadays. I really appreciate people like you!

Take care!!

    Helen - March 30, 2020

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate your kind words – we work very hard to bring you all the best free lingerie sewing patterns

HANA - May 2, 2020

Hello, thank you for this list. that`s impressive 🙂

    Helen - May 2, 2020

    Thank you Hana!

Barbara Ingle - February 22, 2021

I have been sewing all my life and have also written hundreds of instructions as a course developer for colleges. Your combination of skills is truly excellent! You have clever, easy-to-sew projects, that are also well diagrammed and written. Thank you so much!

Kathy - January 27, 2022

I love your patterns and have made several. You do a wonderful job. I keep hoping you will make a bra pattern that hooks in front. Many of us have to wear those. For example, I have 2 artificial shoulders and can’t reach behind me.Arthritis catches up with many of us, and front hook bras are hard to find and expensive.The patterns are rare.
Thank you again for all the wonderful free patterns.

    Helen - January 28, 2022

    Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for the compliment and for the suggestion. I’ll add it to my to-do list

monika schertzer - April 30, 2022

I have not sewen underware in a long time but will get back into it Looking forward to using you information Thank you so much Monika


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