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DIY Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths [FREE Pattern + VIDEO tutorial]

Like many of you, I’ve been looking for ways to become more eco-friendly in my everyday life, to use less disposable products and make my home and life greener. I wanted to make smaller changes first before tackling the more difficult ones. Cleaning was one of the first areas I focused on. Most dusters are a very unsustainable home items, but a good duster keeps you from wheezing and sneezing, and helps you keep your home clean.

I’ve decided washable reusable dusters are the way to go! Like this reusable swiffer duster I’m about to show you. Done are the days of throwing out those expensive disposable dusters. With just a few common items and a bit of fabric, as well as our swiffer duster pattern, you can make one that will last much longer than most buyable DIY duster cloths! Why waste money on buying something from the store when you can make it yourself? Not to mention the fact that your model will be more environmentally friendly as well. Ok, cool but does it pick up dust well? You betcha! Just see how it handles coffee

All you need to do is put in a pinch of sewing work, a tiny portion of time, your enthusiasm, and this DIY swiffer duster will be finished before you know it. Follow the steps in this tutorial if you want this reusable swiffer duster cloth in your household. Below you will find my step by step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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How to make a reusable Swiffer duster cloth

Supplies and tools

Notes: You can use fleece instead, but I definitely like flannel better as it picks up dust better

DOWNLOAD: Swiffer duster cloth pattern (Free PDF file)

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How To Sew a Washable Duster

Watch the washable swiffer duster cloths video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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DIY Swiffer Duster Cloths VIDEO TUTORIAL


STEP 1: Prepare the pattern

Once you have downloaded the reusable swiffer pads pattern, print it out on a piece of paper. Then cut out any excess paper to prepare the pattern for use. You will get two pattern pieces, one smaller and one bigger piece

You don’t have to worry about being precise in this step because the swiffer dusting cloths can be irregular in shape a little bit.

Pre-fold each pattern piece along the markings.

STEP 2: Cut the fabric

You need to cut 8 pieces of fabric – 2 out of the larger pattern (set 1) and 6 out of the smaller pattern (sets 2, 3 and 4) according to the instructions below.

SET 1: Fold the entire piece of fabric in half, so that you get a two-layer piece. Then put the larger pattern over it and cut on the bias (at a 45-degree angle top the selvage).

If you have a rotary cutter, cut around the pattern through both layers, using the pattern as a guideline.

If you’re using regular scissors instead of a rotary cutter, grab your sewist chalk or a fabric marker and draw around the edges of the pattern. Then cut along those lines through both layers.

SET 2: Take the smaller pattern piece and repeat the step above to get the second set of 2 pieces.

SET 3: Fold the pattern along the first fold lines of both sides and cut the next 2 pieces

SET 4: Fold the pattern once more along the next fold lines and cut the last 2 pieces.

STEP 3: Transfer the markings

Now you will have to transfer the dotted markings on all pieces of fabric.
Transfer the markings from the smaller pattern onto the smaller stack. Then do the same and transfer them from the bigger pattern onto the bigger stack.

STEP 4: Start stitching

Pin both bigger pieces wrong sides together and stitch along the two outer lines. Backstitch at the beginning and the end of each seam. Leave the center stitching line unsewn.

STEP 5: Align swiffer dust wipes with each other

Take the piece you’ve just sewn on a flat surface. Take one piece of set 2 and place it on top of it, aligning the markings. Take a piece of set 3 and place it on top of the pile, and then take the smallest piece of set 4 and place it on top of everything. Pin everything in place. Flip the duster over and repeat the same with the remaining fabric pieces.

You will now have a set of 8-layer fabric piece.

STEP 6: Stitch the center

Next, you should make a vertical stitch along the center marking though all 8 layers. Now your reusable swiffer cloths have an opening for the handle.

TIP: Start and stop 1 inch in from the edges, if you want your handle to fit in the cloth even better.

STEP 7: Finish the reusable swiffer duster

Now you need to make slits on each layer of fabric. Grab your scissors and start clipping the fabric layers. Make the slits perpendicular to the seam, going as close as you can to the stitch. The space between these slits should be around half of an inch.

Wash and dry your duster before use to make it fluffier and to help it pick dust better.

As you keep using and washing the duster over and over, it will become more fluffy and full.

Attach the handle to it and Voila! Your new reusable swiffer is officially complete!

I hope you liked this tutorial. Try making a few of these washable cloth dusters and tell us how they turned out. Inspire friends and family to reduce their carbon footprint with these awesome zero-waste, eco-friendly gifts. If you have some suggestions for improvement, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Enjoy your new duster and your dust-free home!

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Kristie Schubert - August 9, 2020

I love this project! It’s one of my features on the Little Cottage Link Party tomorrow. I hope you’ll drop by.

    Helen - August 11, 2020

    Thanks, Kristie! I’ll drop by. I’m currently working on a reusable mop pad! Stay tuned

Dana - August 9, 2020

Dusting isn’t one my favorite things to do, but this idea is so clever and fun! I make a lot of reusable items because I prefer them to single use and now I can add this to my list.

    Helen - August 11, 2020

    You can always delegate dusting! A good duster makes it fun!

Ann - August 9, 2020

How simple! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s.

    Helen - August 12, 2020

    It is! Just wash and dry and keep reusing! Such an easy way to reduce the disposables in our lives

Michelle - August 11, 2020

Excellent idea! Thank you for sharing this with Creative Compulsions!


    Helen - August 12, 2020

    Thank you, Michelle! I’m on a mission to reduce the disposables in our life to a minimum this year

Shelbee on the Edge - August 11, 2020

Oh I love this! You can throw it right in the washer and keep reusing, what a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.

    Helen - August 12, 2020

    And it’s soo easy to make! Thanks for dropping by, Shelbee

Donna @ Modern on Monticello - August 12, 2020

I definitely had to pin this one. I have dogs and use these duster cloths on a regular basis and hate when I run out of them. Thanks so much for sharing a great idea. #HomeMattersParty

    Helen - August 12, 2020

    I’m glad you liked it, Donna. By the way, I’ve just published a reusable swiffer mop tutorial, you may find that one useful as well!

Naush Samama - October 4, 2020

How cute !! Love the little duster tutorial. Thank you for linking at Meraki Link Party.

Vickey Cornelison-Grant - February 26, 2021

Somewhere I saw the adjustment for the older swifers – the blue ones. I cannot find it again! Can you assist?

    Helen - January 22, 2022

    Hi Vickey, Just place your duster handle on the top of the fabric stack and trace the prongs. Leave gaps where the prongs are

Dale - May 17, 2021

This would be a good way to use up flannel scraps. Thanks for the tut.

    Helen - May 18, 2021

    It’s really great for using up flannel scraps AND removing dust. A win-win

Linda Harmon - June 2, 2021

I love your patterns and ideas. Thanks

Can you put the instructions in a pdf file so they can be downloaded?

I want to make these at another time and I have a hard time finding these later.

I love to have the written directions handy.


    Helen - January 11, 2022

    I would love to, but I just don’t have the time to make a downloadable file for every pattern (I have over 200 tutorials). You can copy and paste the text in word and print from there

    Patti N - January 15, 2022

    You can use Print Friendly to turn web pages into pdf files. It allows you to remove things you don’t want before you create the pdf (like skipping the comments section).

Deb UK - June 18, 2021

Hello from England!
Thank you so much for this amazing project. I would be lost without my swiffer, so I whipped up a couple of these this morning. Just about to pop them in the washer with my bedding. I’m going to try the dish sponges and swiffer mop pad next. You’re a star x

    Helen - June 18, 2021

    Hey Deb! It’s lovely to hear you like my projects so much. Thank you so much for sharing that with me! I’m all smiles

Mary Ann - July 28, 2021

Hi Helen! I’ve been following you for a few months now….I went to purchase swiffer duster refills the other day and bought them (yikes they are pricey!!!!) I then remembered that I received a tutorial from you – I won’t be buying the store ones anymore! I’ve gone to my local fabric shop and found flannel remnants and I plan to make a few before I have to purchase again.

Thank you for all your encouraging videos! I’m just starting to sew and find that you are like the teacher that I never had – my mom tried to get me to sew when I was younger, she gave me the basics, now that I have more time I’m doing a little more. You gave me the courage to try…..thank you!!!!!

terasa - August 12, 2021

I wish there was some way to let me print the instructions !!!
Pattern download is useless if I don’t have instructions !!!

    Helen - August 14, 2021

    You can refer to blog post for instructions, Terasa

Sophie - January 9, 2022

Thank you so much!
I am working on reducing waste to a minimum in my classroom and this tutorial is just what I needed. Bonus, it is easy enough to do the project with the children!

Anne - March 9, 2022

Where do you get the handle for the home-made stiffer?

    Helen - March 10, 2022

    You can get it on Amazon or any other large department store

Mary - October 26, 2022

Can I use fleece instead of flannel?

    Helen - October 26, 2022

    I’m afraid you can’t. It won’t collect dust as well as flannel does

Gloria - October 31, 2022

l have been making pajama bottoms for my kids for years and have kept all the scraps. What a great way to use them up, they are all very colorful dusters too. l will be making the face pads next. Thank you

Pat - March 15, 2023

I hope these stay on the Swiffer handle better than the throw away refills. They always pull off while I’m dusting!


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