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Upcycling Denim – Ideas for Reusing Old Jeans

Do you love a good upcycle? I have stacks and stacks of old t-shirts and old jeans in all sizes and colors I just can’t bear to part with. But what to do with old jeans? Apart from cutting the legs to make shorts and potholders, what else can you do? I’ve spend last two days browsing the internet for ideas to bring you the best denim upcycling crafts and ideas. From a simple DIY dog toy to a full blow denim patchwork quilt and everything in between. I’ll keep this post frequently updated, so make sure to circle back from time to time to find fresh denim upcycle ideas.

Learn how to transform old jeans into something fresh and new. Just see all the cool things you can make out of old jeans below

What to do with old jeans?

Denim throw pillows

denim chevron pillow

by Ashbeedesign

Upcycled denim rug

denim rug

 by OhOhdeco

Handbag out of old jeans

denim bag

by HandMadiya

Weekend bag

denim weekend bag

by Lika35 on LiveInternet

Sofa Organiser from Old Jeans

diy remote control holder

by HelloSewing

DIY Jeans to skirt refashion

By CottonandCurls

DIY denim feathers

diy denim feathers

by PillarBoxBlue

Hand warmers

hands holding a diy hand warmer in a star shape

by HelloSewing

Denim stuffed animal

stuffed whale out of old jeans

by Valaanvillapaita

Reversible Hen saddle

homemade chicken apron with a bow

by HelloSewing

Denim dog toy

denim dog toys

 by PillarBoxBlue

DIY Upcycled denim backpack

Upcycled Jeans Owl Doorstop

by HelloSewing

DIY Denim Bookmark

by HelloSewing

Denim sewing apron

jeans sewing apron

by CashStrappedCrafting

Denim patchwork quilt

full sized quilt out of old jeans

by MollyMakes for GatheredHow

I hope you liked these denim upcycling ideas. Now it’s your turn! Tell me, how do you repurpose old jeans? Which is your favorite old jeans upcycle?


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Betsy - October 1, 2021

What I do with my old jeans, especially the legs, is to make dog coats. The legs are the perfect size for making coats for small dogs, and it’s amazingly easy to make them! I line them with fleece so they are reversible, then donate them to dog rescues. The only things you need are your old jeans, fleece and Velcro. Of course a sewing machiine, scissors and thread 🙂 You can make a coat in under an hour and keep a dog warm all winter! I also make dog coats for larger dogs out of other fabric and use the back pockets from my jeans to put on the sides of the dog coat to hold the potty bags, keys, etc. I’m trying to find a way to incorporate the waistband, too, but so far, nothing 🙁

Karantha - October 1, 2021

I used an old pair of mens Dickies jeans (both knees had holes) to make a backpack. I cut the legs off, sewed up the bottom, and used the legs to make a top cover flap, and the shoulder straps. Added a liner, some ribbon trim, and done. Been using it for 15 years, and it’s still in great shape!

Meg Moffitt - October 5, 2021

So glad I found you, there are such a wealth of lovely ideas. Thank you so much. You’ve given me plenty of projects to keep me busy for a while.

Marina Teramond @ NMPL - October 17, 2021

To tell the truth, I’m so glad that I came across your article and became aware of such a great ideas how to breathe new life into old jeans, creating some new things out of them, because I think that it’s quite widespread problem when they only dust on the shelf and you don’t know what to do with them. I can say that before this moment a lot of these ideas hadn’t crossed my mind but now I understand how fascinating they are and that I need to implement them into reality. Frankly, the majority of these ways of transforming old jeans into something fresh and new blew my mind because they are so unique and not typical but fully applicable. I fall in love with the creation of the denim stuffed animal because it is something that will warm you and create this atmosphere of coziness in your home.


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