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Little test

Singer 4423 Review – a Reliable Workhorse

Denim and other hard materials can turn out to be a seamstresses nightmare at times. You either don’t have the appropriate sewing machine or you don’t believe that the one you have is capable of doing the work without messing it up. If only there was a simple, yet capable, affordable, yet trustworthy machine out […]

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Brother LS2125i Review – Is it worth buying?

When you are just starting with a previously unexplored activity, it can become quite difficult to figure out the best product with which to commence the journey. Does it have the right balance of cost and features? Would you outgrow it too quickly? Should you splurge on something more advanced to begin with to get […]

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Brother 1034D Serger Review

You would be mistaken to think that a ‘serger’ is just a cool new naming scheme for Brother’s sewing machines.  On the contrary, it’s an entirely different class of machines intended for creating professional-grade seams, ones that are durable no matter the type of fabric used, and especially for the more tricky stretchy fabrics. In […]

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How to Sew Denim Jeans and Get Great Results

From its humble birth as a sturdy and affordable clothing for the working class, denim jeans have grown into a world-wide cultural phenomena. Nowadays, you can buy denim jeans costing you an arm and a leg. And not only jeans; there are also denim shirts, coats, hand bags, backpacks, and even suitcases. Denim is such […]

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Sewing Machine Safety Tips for Avoiding Injuries

Although there are many negatives to having a highly litigious society, it does serve as a force that makes manufacturers more mindful when designing their products. For the niche of sewing machines in particular, even the entry models are endowed with many automatic features that by default prevent injuries, the most common being the automatic […]

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