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How to Make Bias Binding Tape

A super quick and efficient way to make bias TAPE or bias BINDING. No tools required!
You can buy bias tape from stores, but usually there is very limited selection of color and pattern. Then why don’t you make your own bias tape or binding with any fabric you want?

Many of our readers who wanted to try our “DIY Surgical Fabric Face Mask with Adjustable Ties” asked how to make their own mask ties as quickly as possible without any special tools.
So, today I’m going to show you how to make a bias tape and how to make bias ties for masks! Make and sew bias ties for masks in just one step without any ironing. A super easy way to make bias ties for MASKS without bias tape maker.

All you need are strips of fabric, paper and your trusted sewing machine. Watch the video, print out the template you can download below and start BATCH making bias tape.
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Lightning fast: How to make quick bias tape / binding

Our printable template is for ~1/2 bias tape or bias binding which is the most widely used width. If you need to make diferent width, you will to adjust accordingly.


for bias TIES

for bias tape/binding


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Now you can make either bias binding OR bias ties to use for face masks. Let me show you both:

1. How to make bias binding

STEP 1: Cut fabric strips 1.75″ inches wide. Cut out the template and make sure the size is correct. Fold the template along the dotted lines. It should look like this:

STEP 2: Fold the template around the fabric strip

STEP 3: Iron the bias binding

It’s ready!

1. How to Make Bias Ties (Perfect for face masks!)

Get your fabric ties and template ready. If not – repeat step 1 above!

Step 2: Center the fabric in the template. Fold the template twice to wrap the fabric. The fabric should be able to slide freely through the folds. If that’s not the case- refold the template so that there is a little leeway on both sides of the fabric and try again.

Step 3: Fold the template once more. Pull the front end of the fabric and place it under the presser foot. Lower the presser foot to secure the strip in place.

Now hold the template with your left hand loosely, so that the fabric can slide freely through the paper. Keep pressing the back side of the paper template with your thumb as you sew, so that it opens up like a funnel. This lets the fabric slide with ease. Feed the back end of the fabric so that it forms a C shape before it reaches the template.

That’s it!




And required NO TOOLS!

Here’s how the finished mask tie looks like.

It took me more time to write this than it took me to make a bunch of ties!


Download the bias tape template HERE

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**Print at 100% on a US Letter paper (No Scale). Don’t print from the browser, the sizing might not be correct.**


  • Don’t put too much pressure on the template or fabric. Hold it LOOSELY or it won’t feed well
  • Use a rotary cutter and a cutting mat) to speed up your cutting. Two words – Game Changer! Of course, your trusted scissors will do just fine, but if you are looking to go lightning fast and save a ton of time, use the rotary cutter
  • If your machine had problems with sewing over multiple layers of fabric, a walking foot attachment will likely solve your problem

Happy sewing! If you like this – share it with your friends!

Let’s make MORE MASKS!

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[…] TIP: If you have run out of bias tape, you can make your own with any fabric you want and WITHOUT any tools. Check out the fastest way to make bias tape/binding here  […]

Lin - May 2, 2020

I love the folded paper “tool” but cutting fabric for true BIAS tape… requires cutting diagonally across the fabric (which also allows greater flexibility/manipulations of the bias tape). This method is fine for various fabric ties (such as for straps and the ties for scrub caps) where stretch is not particularly desired nor needed.

laura - May 6, 2020

I’m so happy I found this! I’ve tried folding and pressing by hand and keep burning my fingers (ouch!). I like how I can sew a tie without pressing. This is the best method I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing!

    Helen - May 7, 2020

    I’m so glad you liked it! This method makes mask ties so much easier!

    laura - May 13, 2020

    I made the tool, cut the fabric less than 2″ and folded the fabric in the tool. It folds the fabric great! I just can’t pull the fabric thru the tool. I’m trying to figure out what my issue is. Maybe the card stock is too thick? Should I try slick magazine paper? Any ideas? Thank you!!!

    Helen - May 13, 2020

    Hi Laura, there are two things you need to watch for. First, hold the template and the fabric loosely. Second – the fabric needs to slide through with ease. Looks like the card stock might be too thick for the fabric to slide though easily. Try refolding the template and make sure there is enough space on either side of the fabric so it pulls though with ease

Bluee - January 30, 2022

this is a game changer! thank you so very much!!!

    Helen - February 1, 2022

    You are welcome!

catherine beauregard - April 22, 2022

Ive tried those little metal tools, um not very succesful. This works like a charm. Thank you so much. Sometimes it is the most basic ideas that work best. Thanks again

Pherbia - May 17, 2022

I have not tried this yet but it looks like the best way I have found yet. I have tried the tool kit and the strip folding but this is simpler. I will introduce this way to the ladies I sew “For Needy Children” with and I know they will love it. Thank you.

Pherbia - May 17, 2022

This way looks the best way to make bias tape and we use so much of it. I have tried all the other ways but this is the one I will be using. I will be intro- ducing this to the ladies that I sew clothes for “Needy Children” with. Thank you so much.

Pherbia - May 17, 2022

I have tried method I have ever seen but like your way best. I am introducing this way t the ladies I sew clothes for “Needy Children” Thank you so much.

    Helen - May 19, 2022

    Thank you Pherbia. You are an amazing person


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