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Sewing Room Organization Tips

Everything you need to know about getting your sewing room organized (and how to stay this way!) Getting your sewing room in order might seem easy, but what about the upkeep?

Usually, it’s not the sewing project itself that creates the awful mess we have to deal with, it’s all the sifting and rifling to find all the necessary materials. To avoid spending countless hours searching for materials and then putting them back together, make sure you have as much as possible on clear display.

10 Steps to the Perfect Sewing Room Organization

1. Use peg board

Use peg board to organize your sewing room

by Cutesycrafts

2. Fold Fabric Around a Comic Book Board

A comic board is the perfect size for wrapping fabric. It’s pretty, it’s organized, it’s tidy. Use comic book boards

Fold Fabric Around a Comic Book Board

by Mabeyshemadeit

3. Divide things into spaces that make sense to you

Use drawers, lots of drawers

Use small and large zip lock bags to store work in progress or some notions

Divide things into spaces that make sense to you

by Tweedandgreet

4. Use your vertical space

Use vertical space as much as possible: shelves, desktop organizers hanging from the table.

Use your vertical space

by Cutesycrafts

Use a pegboard to keep things out of the way and still at an arms reach

Use the height of the room for storage – you can add shelves or box units and arrange your fabric on comic boxes there

height of the room for storage

by Jacquelynclark

5. Use a small sewing trolley

A sewing trolley with some containers is immensely helpful if you need to move in your sewing room between cutting, assembling and sewing. You can get these at Walmart

Use a small sewing trolley

by Scissortailquilting

If you are handy, this mini ironing station in wheels is something you might need:

mini ironing station

by Ikeahackers

6. Create a space for your works in progress

When storing sewing projects and work in progress, store everything for one project all together.

I love these stackable super satchels as everything is neatly kept together and I can quickly find what I need inside

Alternatively, you can use collapsible bins, fabric bins and organizers for easy access to your sewing essentials. Zip lock bags also work great

7. Tandem thread spools and bobbins

Yes, you can definitely label each and every one of your spools and bobbins, but it a hell lot of work. I found a simple method to keep my thread and bobbins together and here is a simple video that shows you how to do that

Another idea is to get thread storage with larger pins and place the bobbin on top of the spool. You can attach it to your wall or.. DIY this handy thread in a drawer solution

thread storage in a drawer - clever sewing room organization

by Designsbyktgreen

8. Put things back into their spot right away

Clutter tends to creep back FAST. Super-fast. Don’t let it overcome your sewing room ever again!

  • Fold the fabrics and put them back after you choose what you’ll use for your current project
  • Put the notions back into their containers. Use magnet to pick all those pins back in their box. Watch this quick tip how to collect pins the easy way :


9. Clear Drawer Storage

Most used sewing tools and notions should be easily accessible. They should be visible and have a place. Then you return them to their place immediately after use – that way you won’t have to search for them the next time you need them

clear drawers storage in the sewing room

by Howjoyful

10. Implement and reevaluate over time

Our needs change over time. If you found you’ve outgrown your current sewing setup, come up with better solutions

I hope you find those sewing organization ideas useful. Do you have a clever sewing room organization tip? If so, please comment below and let us all know what is it

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Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs - September 25, 2022

Great tips! I love pegboards they keep everything so tidy. The fabric storage is genius too. #MMBC

Kim Carberry - September 26, 2022

Ohh! If I was into sewing this would make up the perfect room. The peg board is so cute and everything looks so organised. x

Kathleen - September 26, 2022

I love all of your suggestions, and I will adopt the peg board idea for sure. But, I need help with something else. Would love some suggestions. My husband made me a rack for my thread spools and a rack for my bobbins, but I can’t figure out how to keep the the thread ends from coming undone. It looks messy and that irritates me. I hate putting tape on the ends. Help please and many thanks in advance.

dorothy - September 26, 2022

Thank you for such great tips! I never thought of adding a shelf to my peg board. And the moveable iron board is genius! I have both the rolling cart and the small ironing table – I just never thought to put them together! Blessings on you!

Demetria Santillan - October 4, 2022

#2 I use 10 inch x 14 inch “Fabric Organizer” boards from, they are not cheap but they are very sturdy, made from acid-free corrugated plastic, have cut outs to hold onto the fabric and rounded corners. They also come in 2 other sizes – 5” x 14” & 7”x 10 ½”. I love them, they fit very well in the Better Homes & Gardens Cube Storage Organizer Furniture.

#3 I bought 2 5-drawer rolling carts from Big Lots. They came with label holders and fit under my tables. I was also able to get them in a finish that matches my Better Homes & Gardens Cube Storage Organizer Furniture.

#4 I use Better Homes & Gardens Cube Storage Organizer Furniture in my sewing room. I placed an upright 8 Cube then stacked a 4 Square Cube on top of it. There was barely 8 inches left from the fop of the Cube to the ceiling! I got 12 cubes total in the floor space of 2! I was able to do this on 2 short walls. On a long wall I placed an 8 Cube on its side then an upright 8 Cube on top lining it up to the left. On the other side of the 8 Cube I was able to put my wireless printer and paper shredder. I have a total of 40 cubes of storage! I purchased 16 matching Better Homes & Gardens fabric bins. I also hung spool racks on the wall above my sewing table to hold my all my thread. I love using vertical space! Target also has similar cube furniture with matching fabric bins but their fabric bins were more expensive. If someone has small kids & they want to do this they should secure or anchor the furniture to the wall for safety.

#7 I modified my thread spool racks by taking out the dowels and replacing them with longer ones so they would fit the thread and a matching bobbin.

#8 I am OCD about staying organized, so I constantly do this while I work on projects and after finishing a project.

#9 I put label holders on my fabric bins, so I know exactly what is in them. I don’t care for clear storage only because it looks more cluttered to me.

Barbara Proulx - September 28, 2023



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