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Scrap Fabric Projects – 50 Brilliant Ways to Use up Fabric Leftovers

If you are an avid sewist, the chances are you have an overflowing bucket, bag, shelf or wardrobe full of fabric scraps and leftovers from previous sewing projects. I don’t like to throw away usable fabric, so I always come up with clever solutions to use those bits and pieces be they large or small into lovely new projects. Apart from my own tutorials, I scoured the web to bring you the best scrap sewing projects from other designers too! Enjoy and make a dent in that scrap pile!

Scrap fabric projects – cool things to do with leftover fabric

Corner bookmarks

Corner bookmarks

by Quilterscandy

Scrap twine

Scrap twine

by Myfrenchtwist

Hoop organizer

Hoop organizer

by Sewcraftyme

Fabric rug tutorial

Fabric rug tutorial

by Vintagericrac

Scrap bias binding

Scrap bias binding

by Vickymyerscreations

Scrap fabric bunny softie

Scrap fabric bunny softie

by Inspirationmadesimple

Scrap fabric tray

Scrap fabric tray

by  Noodle-head

Fabric yo yos

Fabric Scrap Memory Game for the kids

Fabric Scrap Memory Game for the kids

by Inchmark

Card kitty

Card kitty made from scrap fabrics

by Quiltforlovers

Stuffed fabric letters

Stuffed fabric letters

by Sewjahit

Fabric alphabet

Scrap fabric projects no-sew

No sew fabric garland

No sew fabric garland

by Kenarry

No-sew Firecracker hairbows

No-sew Firecracker hairbows

by Bombshellbling

Projects for knit fabric scraps

Projects for knit fabric scraps

by Mousechirpy-polkadotpineapple

Scrap sewing projects by HelloSewing

Fabric ball or sphere

how to make a fabric ball

fabric sphere by HelloSewing

Hair bun maker

How to sew a hair bun maker

One of my all-time favorite projects for scrap fabric!

Hair bun maker by HelloSewing

Pocket prayer quilt

pocket prayer quilt - easy method

Pocket prayer quilt by HelloSewing

Origami butterfly from fabric

origami fabric butterflies

Origami fabric butterfly by HelloSewing

Gift card holder

Gift card holder by HelloSewing

Chapstick (lipstick) holder

Sew a chapstick holder (DIY tutorial + VIDEO)

chapstick holder by HelloSewing

Cord keeper

DIY Fabric cord wraps

diy cord wrap by HelloSewing

Face mask carrying pouch

face mask keyring holder - pin

Face mask carrying pouch by HelloSewing

Bunting template

DIY Bunting Banner with Template and VIDEO

bunting by HelloSewing

Triangle coin purse

coin purse pattern

Triangle coin purse by HelloSewing

Reusable duster cloths

reusable swiffer duster cloths

Reusable swiffer duster cloths by HelloSewing

Soft fabric glasses case

diy glasses case with eyeglasses

Soft fabric glasses case by HelloSewing

Reusable fabric coasters

How to make fabric coasters

Reusable fabric coasters by HelloSewing

Which one of these projects for scrap fabric is your favorite? Which one are you going to sew? If you are like me and you wonder what to do with the creeping pile of fabric scraps, you will definitely find these scrap fabric ideas useful.

Do you have a favorite scrap sewing project that is not included here? Pop in the comments below and let me know what it is!

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Yvonne - September 15, 2022

Love your cute quick and easy mini projects!
Thank you

Kim Carberry - September 19, 2022

What fantastic ideas!!
I think even I could manage some of these things. x


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