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30+ Scrap Buster Ideas for Knit fabrics

Don’t let your knit fabric scraps go to waste or gather dust in a sad dark corner of a closet – turn them into something extraordinary! Unleash your creativity and breathe new life into your knit fabric scraps with these inspiring and practical ideas. Today we’ll explore innovative and practical knit fabric scrap ideas that will inspire you to transform those leftover materials into stunning creations. From charming home decor to stylish accessories, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity and make the most of your leftover materials!

Easy knotted headbands

Easy knotted headbands

by Ohjoy


how to make scrunchies

Scrunchies by Hellosewing

Turban headband

DIY turban headband on model

by Twisted turban  headband by Hellosewing

Tiny scraps tote bag

Easy 5 minute headband

how to make a headband


Headband tutorial by HelloSewing

Ear warmer

DIY Fleece ear warmer tutorial

Fleece ear warmer by HelloSewing

Snuffle mat for your dog or cat

Snuffle Mat

by snuffle mat tutorial by HelloSewing


how to sew panties

by Tutorial how to make panties by HelloSewing

Beanie hat

How to make a beanie hat

by DIY beanie by HelloSewing

Twisted turban hat

diy twisted turban hat

by Twisted turban hat by HelloSewing

Baby hat

handmade baby hats

by DIY baby hat pattern by HelloSewing

Winter hat with pleats and gathers

diy pleated winter hat

by Winter hat tutorial by HelloSewing



by Madalynne


underwear patterns

Roundup of 100+ Underwear patterns by HelloSewing

steering Wheel cover

DIY steering wheel cover

by Steering wheel cover by HelloSewing

Reusable makeup wipes

by Reusable makeup remover wipes tutorial by HelloSewing

Hand warmers

hands holding a diy hand warmer in a star shape

by DIY Hand Warmers patterns by HelloSewing

Make socks

diy socks

by DIY socks pattern by HelloSewing

Make your own fabric

Make your own fabric

by Callajaire

Turn them into a duster

diy duster from knit fabric scraps

by DIY reusable duster cloths by Hellosewing

Scrap busting t-shirt

knit scrap busting t-shirt

by Sozowhatdoyouknow

Sew a bandana baby bib

Use them for pockets

Use them for pockets! Pants pockets, shirt pockets, hoodie pockets.

pockets pattern for knit fabrics

by Sewstylish



recycled sweater mittns

by Hellosewing



by Upcraftclub

Make t-shirt yarn


Add ruffles to shirts or dresses and make them “new” again. Ruffles to the hem, sleeve hems, necklines, or at the shoulder.

Eco-friendly stuffing

Cut them up even more. Use for stuffed toys, pillows, beanbags and almost everything that requires stuffing

Use any remaining fabric scraps, regardless of size or shape, as filling for cushions, quilts, or toys. It is advisable to shred the scraps into smaller pieces before using them, as larger pieces may become entangled and form lumps. Soft scraps are ideal for stuffing. When using them for children’s toys, ensure that they are fire-safe and refrain from using nylon materials.

Rag rug

rag rug tutorial

by Upcyclemystuff

doll clothes

Sweet Scallops Tag-along Bag

Usually require very little fabric. Here are some patterns you might find interesting: for 18”dolls like and doll clothes patterns for barbie

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