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35+ Thoughtful but Easy Gifts to Sew for Just About Anyone on Your list

The holiday season is in full bloom and that means one thing. Presents!

I love sewing gifts. During these rough times, try to sew a thoughtful gift yourself instead of purchasing one. Going around the stores to find the right gift for your loved ones can be tiring and waste a lot of your time. Especially when you have to do it over and over until you’ve got something for all the important people in your life.

Fortunately, you know how to sew and you love doing it! That means you can sew the gifts instead of buying them! Not only will your presents be unique and thoughtful, but also practical and useful, everyone will happily accept them.

With that in mind, I compiled a list with fun and easy sewing projects for gifts! With 35+ sewn gift ideas there is something for everyone on your list.

35+ Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew

Reusable Grocery Bag

Keep the environment green by ditching the paper bags and using a reusable bag instead! This bag isn’t just for groceries though, you can also use it like a normal as well!


DIY Travel Pillow

DIY Travel pillow - how to make neck pillow

Who said long rides or flights have to be uncomfortable? Not with this pillow!

This neck pillow is a must-have for all frequent travelers who like to get some sleep on the road.


DIY Gaiter Face Mask

What is easy to make, fun to make, and you can use it in twelve different ways? Yup, this thing!

Use this handy accessory as a face mask, bandana, headband, or nine other accessories, your call!


Hanging Kitchen Towel

If you like multifunctional things, you’ll love this project! It combines a kitchen towel with a pot holder. You can hang it near your kitchen counter and quickly wipe your hands on it or grab hot pots safely.

Choose whether to make it by gathering the seam or just folding and sewing, it’s your call.


Soup Bowl Cozy

how to make a bowl cozy featured

Say farewell to burned hands due to your microwave being a mini volcano with this cute bowl cozy! Sewing this awesome thing takes you no longer than half an hour. Enjoy having burn-free hands!


DIY Hot Pad

Every cooking enthusiast knows how important hot pads are. They keep your hands protected from getting burned by hot pots, but also your counters from getting damaged from the pot heat.

This one shouldn’t take more than half an hour to finish.


Clothespins Bag

how to make a clothespin bag

This project is perfect for all who love drying their clothes outside in the fresh air. With this clothespins bag, your clothespins will be safe and sound and you’ll never again lose them or not know where they are!


Infinity Scarf

how to sew an infinity scarf

This stylish fashion accessory is loved by all. It keeps you warm without sacrificing class, and you can wear it during fall or during those long, cold winter days.

Fun to make, easy to make, and it takes little to make. Infinity scarf!


DIY Neck Warmer

DIY neck warmer

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like wrapping a long scarf around your neck. That doesn’t mean you should leave it naked and catch a cold! Just use a neck warmer instead! It will keep you warm even though it’s not bulky.


DIY Fabric Luggage Tag

DIY luggage tags made from fabric

Make your travels less stressful with these luggage tags! Never again will someone pick up your bags by accident, nor will you pick up someone else’s bag by mistake. This fabric tag is easy to attach to any bag, and it clearly shows your name.


Hand Sanitizer Holder

Keep your hand sanitizer easily accessible at any time with this holder. Attach the holder to the outside of your purse, pocket, or bag, and quickly clean your hands whenever needed!


Clutch Purse

DIY clutch purse

Add a special touch of class and style to your fashion combination with a clutch purse! No evening gown is complete without such an accessory. The only difference between this one and store-bought alternatives is that this purse won’t waste a tonne of your money!


French Beret

how to make a beret

Coming straight from the fashion capital, it’s the stylish French beret! They never have, and probably won’t ever go out of fashion or lose popularity. When you think of a fashionable hat, think of a French beret!


DIY Phone Pillow Stand

The favorite of teens and all who often use their smartphones. So basically, everyone!

Watch videos without having to hold your phone constantly with this neat pillow. Just put your phone on the pillow and you’ll be ready for binge-watching sewing tutorials!


Sock Monkey Puppet

You can find a lot of different patterns for DIY puppets, but not one of them is as cute as this one. Plus, since you’ll be repurposing materials you already have, this project is also environmentally-friendly!


Fabric Rose

DIY fabric rose - how to make a fabric flower

Roses are pretty decoration for sure, but you need to water them and they eventually wither away. These roses, on the other hand, last forever and you don’t even have to water them! Not to mention how beautiful they are!


Unpaper Towels

Unpaper towels diy with video

Stop wasting money on paper towels and switch over to the green alternative! These towels work just as well, perhaps even better than paper ones, yet they don’t harm the environment since they leave no waste behind!


DIY Jar Opener

diy jar opener - how to make jar lid openers

This Jar opener is a life-saver for seniors because it allows them to finally open those pickles on their own! It’s also great for the environment because it’s one of the green projects!


Zipper Pouch

DIY Zipper pouch with lining tutorial

Who doesn’t like zipper pouches? They are just so handy, you can use them for storing anything! No wonder why both men and women love them.


DIY Sleep Mask

Some people just can’t fall asleep if it’s not pitch-black all around them. This mask is ideal for all those people because when you put it on, you see nothing but pitch-black!


DIY Reading Pillow

There’s nothing better than relaxing while reading a great book. But this pillow can actually make that experience even better! Put a book in it, lie down, read, and enjoy!


Hooded Towel

How to make a hooded towel - front and back of towel

Drying your kid’s hair becomes a breeze with this cool towel! Not only does it make drying easier, but your kid will also love it, which means they won’t object to using it after a bath!


DIY Scrunchie (classic and mini)

Did the eighties really go out of style? Nope! And this scrunchie proves it!

It might seem like a plain hairband, but it’s much more fashionable, and it can easily complete your outfit as that final touch!


Japanese Knot Bag

If you need a bag that won’t allow stuff to fall out from it, but you don’t like zippers, this bag is the solution. It has one short and one long handle that go through each other and that way they close the opening of the bag!


DIY Dice Pouch

how to make a dice bag (reversible!)

Dungeons and Dragons all the way, baby! With this bag, you can finally roll multiple dice without some of them rolling down to the floor and into oblivion, never to be found again. Oh, and the pouch is reversible too!


DIY Drawstring Backpack

diy drawstring backpack

The ultimate casual backpack! Going to your friends’ house? Drawstring backpack. Going to the beach? Drawstring backpack. Going to a casual volleyball game? Drawstring backpack. It’s for all casual occasions!


Owl Doorstop

decorative Owl door stop sewing pattern and tutorial

Keep the doors around your house open with this lovely owl doorstop! It’s cute, it’s practical, and it’s environmentally-friendly because it repurposes your old clothes!


Christmas Tree Napkins

How to make christmas tree napkins

Give your dining table a touch of that holiday spirit with these beautiful fabric napkins! They make wonderful gifts for your loved ones, just because they are so charming and festive!


Reusable Sandwich Bag

DIY reusable snack bags and sandwich bags

This one is perfect for all who eat lunch at the office, or for kids who like to carry sandwiches or snacks to school. And it’s way more environmentally-friendly than using paper or plastic bags.


Felt Finger Puppets

Even though they are primarily for kids, I have to admit I had loads of fun playing with these and my kid. Great for parent-child bonding!


Folded Fabric Christmas Ornament

We all enjoy decorating our homes around Christmas. This ornament is another tool for further increasing your holiday spirit!


Christmas Stocking Wine Dispenser

christmas stocking wine dispenser

Who says wine can’t enjoy the holiday spirit? This dispenser will keep the wine safe and allow you to easily pour your guests another glass. And the wine will know how we feel when we wear Christmas clothes!


Denim Bookmark

Reading is fun as long as you don’t forget where you left off the last time you were reading. This bookmark should help you prevent that and enjoy reading to the fullest!


Kimono Out Of A Scarf

how to make a kimono out of a scarf with FREE diy kimono sewing pattern

Believe it or not, you can make a comfortable kimono out of a scarf with ease! It’s sustainable fashion at its best!


DIY Fabric Bows

Bows can make everything much cuter! Put them in your hair, on your clothes, on your bag, on your hats, put them on whatever you want!



I hope you liked our suggestions! If you want more ideas, head on over to our YouTube channel, it’s full of great tutorial videos!

So, which thoughtful gifts will you be making this holiday season? I suggest you try and make as many different ones from the list and see which ones turned out the best! Or just wisely save up a few ideas for next season. Happy holidays!

And don’t forget to make and buy something for yourself, too! Here’s a handy list with ideas for gifts for people who sew. Bookmark it and keep it handy, so you know what to send your loved ones when they ask what to get you. Who knows some of these goodies may find their way to your sewing room!

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Karen Johnson - October 18, 2021

Loved all the projects. Gave me plenty of ideas. Thank you.

Arleen - October 19, 2021

Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas.

Sonia - December 15, 2021

Lots of enjoyable projects. Especially like the placemats.

Gill - December 21, 2022

Thank you for the great ideas of ‘things to make’. Everything I have tried has turned out perfectly. Your videos are so easy to follow, unlike some!


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